6 Games People Can Play Free On Mobiles Without Wi-Fi

Playing games on smartphones can kill time or be highly addicting while trying to get the highest score. People who get tired of playing old standbys such as Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans can try out new games that are free to play and do not need Wi-Fi to move on to the next levels.

Dumb Ways to Die

What started out as a public service announcement ended up becoming a worldwide sensation. Dumb Ways to Die initially was an Australian campaign to promote subway safety for the public. The video ended up going viral, thanks to multiple social media shares back in November 2012.

While a song and video came along after the public fanfare, Metro released an actual Dumb Ways to Die game app for iOS in May 2013. A version for Android users became available in September 2013.

The game consists of dangerous activities engaged by various characters that players have to play to keep the characters from dying. Players earn points as they keep the character from dying. Players have three chances to keep the characters from dying in the 21 mini-games.

The single-player game is free on both the iOs and Android system. The game is rated T for Teen.


Stack was released in February 2016, and it ended up knocking off the Kendall and Kylie app as the top free iPhone app. The Stack game app is free on the Android, the iPhone, and the iPad.

Playing Stack is pretty simple; the main purpose is to stack the block pieces as high as possible. Players have to stack small boards on top of a previous stack while tapping the screen in a timely manner.

Players need to pay attention to the timing of the stacks to keep playing the game. If a player misses stacking a new piece on the tower, the game ends.

The Stack game is rated E for Everyone, so adults and children can enjoy playing the game.

Shadow Fight 2

People who enjoy classic martial arts fighting in a role-playing game can enjoy playing Shadow Fight 2. The game’s characters come equip with a large array of weapons to use, and rare armor sets to collect.

Players can fight through the levels to follow along the storyline while battling enemies with regular and magic fighting techniques and fight evil demon bosses among different locations to win the game. The game is available free for the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

The game is rated E for Everyone over 10 years of age.

Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle can be an addicting game for crossword, trivia, and word search fanatics. Players can solve puzzles with the available clues with the free-standing letter tiles available to be rearranged to create multiple words.

There are free daily puzzles, which are based on current events or created by the Bonza community. Players can even create their own custom Bonza puzzle to play among their friends.

The game is rated E for Everyone and it is available for the Android and iOS.


Illumesoft is the creator of ERA TD, a tower defense game that aims to keep the player interested in the gameplay and the colorful graphics. ERA TD has two main focuses: strategy and tactics. This makes it different from other tower defense games where players shoot in a monotone matter that can make a game easily boring.

Unfortunately, this game app is only available free on iOS. Illumesoft has yet to make an app playable for the Android. The game is Rated 9+ for mild cartoon and fantasy violence.


TwoDots is another puzzle game that is a single-player sequel to Dots. Playdots released an iOS app version in May 2014 and released a version for the Android in November 2014. The game is also available for Windows Phone.

Players can currently try to beat 685 levels in this game. Players can connect the dots while battling sinking anchors or breaking ice to make a connection.

The game is rated E for Everyone and is also available through the Windows Store.

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