‘Real Housewives’ Tipsy Girl Battles Rage Between Bethenny And Sonja

It’s hard to know whether Bethenny Frankel of Skinnygirl fame feels more offended or just annoyed by Real Housewives cast mate Sonja Morgan’s latest project, Tipsy Girl, but it looks like Morgan got Frankel’s attention, and now Morgan should figure that Frankel will take her down, and allow this project to go the way of the toaster oven.

According to the Inquisitr,Frankel just sees Morgan and her Prosecco brand Tipsy Girl as another attempt for Morgan to grasp at something she believes will bring her attention, and perhaps an income (not to mention something for her “interns” to do). When Frankel caught wind of Morgan’s latest project, she promptly blocked her in business by trademarking several of the names around the words “tipsy” and “tipsy girl” which would make it harder for Morgan to rip off Frankel’s business name, and prevent anyone from thinking that Tipsy Girl Prosecco has anything to do with Frankel’s Skinnygirl brand.

The Daily Mail relays that Frankel says that though Tipsy Girl is an attempt to ride on the coattails of Skinnygirl fame, nothing Sonja Morgan does is a real threat. Frankel claims she is not worried, and this dust up only helps Skinnygirl.

“The Tipsy Girl scandal is kind of great, because it markets Skinnygirl cocktails and the success of my brand while there’s no threat, because there is no Tipsy Girl product. It’s kind of like a lay-up for me.”

Frankel says that this is the way that Morgan operates, but her businesses never come to fruition. She claims that Morgan is not a serious business person.

Frankel says that when a brand rides on the coattails of another business, it’s called a cheater brand. Frankel told Morgan this, and explained that she was washing her hands of Morgan and her Prosecco.

“It’s a personal insult and I don’t want anything to do with you.”

Though Frankel claims she doesn’t want to hurt Morgan, she needs to protect her business. Frankel says that she feels bad for Morgan, but wishes that she would use the Real Housewives platform to create something original and uplifting for women rather than knocking off another brand.

People Magazine explains that Frankel and Morgan’s relationship reached its final breaking point as shown on last week’s Real Housewives, but tonight, fans will see even more fall out. Morgan seems to think that Frankel should be flattered rather than annoyed, because Frankel gave her the strength and idea to launch her Tipsy Girl project.

“You inspire me, you mentor me. I look up to you. If I could have anything like you, I would love that.”

Though Frankel explained that she doesn’t think Morgan’s brand could hurt Skinnygirl in any way, she explains that, as a friend, she was hurt and offended. Morgan launched her Tipsy Girl brand at her birthday party last week, one that Frankel did not attend, but tonight, fans will see that Frankel is not happy with Morgan’s attempt to rip her off.

But there is more to come, with behind the scenes legal battles that involve Morgan’s partners, which have a link to Ramona Singer. This is just the beginning of the Real Housewives booze battle. Stay tuned tonight to see on which side the other housewives fall.

Do you think that Bethenny Frankel is right to be annoyed about the Skinnygirl/Tipsy Girl conflict?

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