‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Blames Ridge, Zende Bonds With Nicole, And Sasha Stirs Up Trouble [Spoilers]

What’s ahead on The Bold and the Beautiful on Wednesday, May 18? The spoilers tease that Zende will bond with Nicole and tell her that he was wrong to object to her decision to be Maya and Rick’s surrogate mother. Brooke places the blame for Rick moving out of Eric’s home at Ridge’s feet. She explains to Eric that Rick and Maya planned to raise their child at the Forrester mansion, but Ridge “pulled that little stunt.” Sasha feels ignored by Zende and decides to stir up trouble by announcing she is pregnant with his baby.

On Wednesday’s episode, the promo video reveals that Zende makes amends with Nicole. He tells her he sees why she followed through with the pregnancy and gave Maya a wonderful gift. He tells her that she is a wonderful person, adding that what she did for her sister was a truly selfless act. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Nicole cries as she kisses Zende and tells him she is so glad he finally sees why she had to give Maya and Rick a child. Zende tells Nicole he is sorry for the way he treated Nicole over the past few months and asked her if they could ever start over. Will Nicole forgive him?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke will tell Eric that if it wasn’t for Ridge “pulling that stunt,” Rick and Maya would be raising their child in his home. Eric will tell her that he wished they could find a way to get along because his home is big enough for everyone. Of course, Brooke, being Rick’s mother, will stand up for her son and tell Eric that if Ridge hadn’t removed Maya’s portrait, none of this would have happened. Don’t expect Eric to take either side, because he’ll tell Brooke he loves both Ridge and Rick equally.

Sasha tries to get comfortable in the Forrest mansion and imagines what life would be like for her if she married Zende, She Knows Soaps reports. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Sasha believes there is only one thing standing in her way of getting the life she wants, and it’s Nicole. For some unknown reason, Zende loves Nicole and feels drawn to her. She decides she must do something to bring Zende back in her orbit but isn’t sure what to do yet.

In the days ahead on Bold and the Beautiful, Zende will find himself in a tight spot. Sasha will tell him that she found out she is pregnant. He will be placed in an impossible situation caught between the woman he loves and his obligation to do the right thing by the one carrying his child. Sasha knew that if she told him that she was expecting a child that he’d want to do the right thing and stick by her side. Is it possible that Sasha is not really pregnant and only trying to trap Zende in a relationship?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Maya will find Sasha’s pregnancy suspicious and vows to figure out if her half-sister is actually expecting. Apparently, she suspects that she only announced her pregnancy to lure Zende back in her corner. To be honest, she is completely right about her. Brooke explained on Tuesday’s Bold and the Beautiful episode that she has a feeling that Sasha will bring nothing but pain for Zende and Nicole. It looks like Brooke may be right about that feeling after all.

Do you think Sasha is faking her pregnancy? Will Nicole and Zende patch up their differences and restart their relationship? Voice your opinion about the Bold and the Beautiful in the comments section below, and come back later for more juicy soap opera spoilers, news, and updates.

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