‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: An Unexpected Surprise Shows Up On The Quartermaine Doorstep, Prelude To Sabrina’s Return

It has been an eventful week on ABC’s General Hospital, including the death of Carlos Rivera. Michael Corinthos did his best to save him, but he ended up dying at the hospital anyway. Michael tried to get Carlos to tell him where Sabrina and the baby were located, but he wasn’t talking. However, it looks like one of them may have just mysteriously appeared in Port Charles.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, a baby was left on the doorstep of the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy found the child sitting in his car seat with no one else around and instantly fell in love with him. She told Monica that she was not going to call the police. As reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, in walks Michael as he sees the baby sitting on Tracy’s lap. He also finds a very familiar rattle sitting in the car seat, and it happens to be the same one he had seen at Sabrina’s aunt’s house when he went looking for her in Puerto Rico. He suddenly realized that this was Sabrina’s baby.

There are many questions that need to be answered now that her son has apparently been dropped off. Would Sabrina really do such a thing? This sure doesn’t seem like something that Ms. Santiago would do, but she was probably lurking in the bushes to make sure that he was safe until Tracy found him. She also knows that the Quartermaine family would take him in and that both Michael and Tracy would take good care of him.

Does she know that Carlos has died? He is supposedly the baby’s daddy, and he had delivered his child while they were on the run. Maybe Sabrina is in fear for her life, and this was a sign to Michael that she needs help.

Carlos had spilled to Michael while he was in jail that he and Sabrina had gotten married. This was shocking news, but it could have been a lie to get Michael to back off of trying to locate Sabrina and their child. Hopefully, all of these questions that fans of General Hospital have been wondering about will be answered once Sabrina is back.

Actress Teresa Castillo has been on maternity leave since she had her second child, but she is expected to be back on Friday’s episode of General Hospital to continue with this storyline. It sure looks like the baby left on the Quartermaine doorstep is hers, so she should be reunited with him shortly.

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There have also been speculations all along that Carlos isn’t really the father of this child. It has been rumored that Michael will end up finding out soon that this is his son after all. He was very surprised and happy when he thought that Sabrina was pregnant with his child a few months ago. Sabrina had lied to him in the beginning when she found out how far along she was from the ultrasound. Once Carlos came back and discovered that he was the father, he was ecstatic about it. He also convinced Sabrina to go on the run with him to start a new life together as a family. That certainly didn’t pan out well.

Julian Jerome killed Carlos, as indicated by ABC, and now Sabrina is on her own. She knows that Michael has been looking for her. She may just be ready to come out of hiding, or it could be that Michael will finally locate her. Will she tell him that he is actually her son’s father? Where has she been all this time? She always seemed unsure of going with Carlos in the first place, but she did care for him. Even though he was knee deep in the mob on General Hospital, Sabrina had always hoped that he would shape up and stay out of trouble. However, it is now too late for that.

Teresa Castillo is back.
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General Hospital fans are looking forward to seeing how this will all play out when Sabrina comes back to Port Charles. Look for Teresa Castillo to be back on Friday, May 20.

Who do you think is the father of Sabrina’s baby?

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