NFL Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Star Michael Bennett Bashes Philadelphia Eagles Star Sam Bradford

NFL rumors are swirling around Michael Bennett. The Seattle Seahawks defensive end is violating an unwritten rule among football players. According to USA Today, Bennett is bashing Sam Bradford for how he is handling his situation with the Philadelphia Eagles.

By now, most NFL fans are aware that Sam Bradford is not happy with his current situation with the Philadelphia Eagles. After signing a two-year contract with the Eagles, management decided to make a major trade to find a quarterback that can eventually take over for Bradford. That did not sit well with Bradford at all.

Since his client was not in a desirable situation, agent Tom Condon demanded that the Philadelphia Eagles find a trade for Sam Bradford. Condon was really pushing for the Eagles to send Bradford to the Denver Broncos. General manager John Elway decided that it was better for the Broncos to draft Paxton Lynch.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford

Michael Bennett has never been one to keep quiet about things. He publicly told ESPN that he almost threw up when he heard what Sam Bradford was doing. Bennett felt that Bradford should not be complaining because of the amount of the money that the Philadelphia Eagles are paying him over the next two years.

It’s interesting to note that Michael Bennett is dealing with contract issues himself. He’s not pleased that the Seattle Seahawks are not restructuring his $32 million contract. Bennett believes that he is worth a lot more now than he was in 2014. He wants to be paid accordingly.

Unfortunately for Michael Bennett, there is a very good chance that he is going to have to live with his current contract. The Seattle Seahawks refused to budge when Kam Chancellor held out at the beginning of last season because he was unhappy with his contract. The Pro Bowl safety ended up coming back after missing a couple of games.

Carson Wentz [Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images]

To his credit, Michael Bennett has vowed that he is going to continue to play football. He doesn’t plan on skipping offseason training. Bennett also is not planning on missing any games for the Seattle Seahawks. He’s using that against Sam Bradford, who skipped out on voluntary training camp.

Michael Bennett feels that Sam Bradford should be more competitive. That’s a sentiment that is being echoed privately by many in the NFL. Bradford came off as someone that did not want to put in the time and effort to beat out Carson Wentz for the starting position. He believes that Wentz is too high of a draft pick to be kept on the sidelines for too long.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that Michael Bennett has taken verbal jabs at Sam Bradford. Last year, he made it a point to call Bradford a mediocre quarterback. Bennett also stated that Bradford was overpaid, so his own financial situation might have been a source of the disdain.

Doug Pederson [Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]

Sam Bradford has acknowledge that he has dug himself in a hole. He is aware that Philadelphia Eagles fans are upset with him. Bradford knows that the only way to win them back is by winning games. He’s vowed to do everything he can to help the team become successful. Bradford is also fine with Carson Wentz taking over some day.

To help ease the situation, new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has announced that Sam Bradford will be the starter this upcoming season. It’s his first test as a head coach, and Pederson is handling it pretty well right now. Pederson will have to figure out how to make the situation even better.

Michael Bennett, though, is trying to make the situation worse.

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