Tyga Asking Karrueche Tran For Advice To Win Back Kylie Jenner: Rapper Desperate For ‘KUWTK’ Reconciliation

Tyga won’t accept the fact that Kylie Jenner has moved on, so the rapper has reached out to their friend Karrueche Tran in the hopes that she can give him some advice on how to win the 18-year-old back.

Karrueche, who is known to be good pals with Kylie, is now in the middle of Kylie and Tyga’s relationship drama since the 26-year-old is desperate to know what he can do that will make Jenner consider the idea of taking him back.

As previously reported, the TV personality reportedly called it quits with Tyga over fears that the rapper was cheating on her with multiple women. The Young Money artist would be seen with countless girls out and about while Kylie was out the country for business duties, and the idea that she had to constantly worry on whether she was being cheated on constantly left her paranoid.

She had seen the endless cheating allegations in the press, where one transgender woman even came forward alleging to have had an affair with the rapper. The whole thing became too much for the 18-year-old and has decided to remain single for the meantime.

But Tyga is hopeful that Kylie will give him another chance, a source revealed, adding that Karrueche is giving the father-of-one some tips that could potentially see him reconcile with Jenner in the near future.

“Tyga got Kae’s number from a mutual friend and has been hitting her up for advice. In one text he said he knew that she and Chris had problems and asked what he could do so he won’t lose Kylie the way Chris lost her.”

Karrueche Tran knows a thing or two when it comes to making up and breaking up with an ex-boyfriend, as she was going through the exact same thing with her former beau Chris Brown.

Following the news that Chris had conceived a child with another woman while he was still in a relationship with Tran, it was said to have been the nail in the coffin for the socialite, who decided that the disrespect Chris had shown her made her realize he just wasn’t the one for her.

Judging from her own experience, Karrueche allegedly told Tyga that “women hate being lied to and cheated on. She explained to him that it’s not a good look for him to be going around town with models, knowing he’s going to be photographed, only to make Kylie jealous.”

Kylie Jenner has often explained that Tyga was her first real boyfriend, so for her to then go on and see the rapper posing for pictures with multiple women made her feel somewhat insecure. And it wasn’t that she didn’t like her boyfriend posing with other girls — it was more based on the cheating allegations that would follow.

The transgender woman who infamously claimed to have slept with Tyga had nude photos of the rapper that he allegedly sent to her phone. That alone made Kylie feel some sort of way. Although she managed to overlook that incident, more and more women claimed to have had an affair with Tyga, so Jenner came to the conclusion she didn’t need the drama in her life.

And it’s debatable of whether the advice that Karrueche has given Tyga will actually help him win Kylie Jenner back, but it’s still worth a try, the insider added.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe and Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]