Kris Jenner Stresses Kylie Jenner To Remain Single After Tyga Split: Wants ‘KUWTK’ Star To Avoid Rebound Relationships

kris jenner fears kylie jenner rebound relationships after tyga split

Kris Jenner is trying to make her daughter Kylie Jenner understand that rushing into another relationship after breaking up with Tyga is not the way forward.

According to reports, Jenner is worried that Kylie will be on the hunt for a new boyfriend now that she is no longer tied down to the 26-year-old rapper, with whom she spent two years of her life.

The socialite publicly stressed in the past that Tyga was more or less her first real boyfriend, who even lived with her for some time in her Calabasas mansion. The twosome were definitely moving fast as far as their relationship was concerned.

In fact, sources at one point alleged that the reality star could even see herself marrying Tyga in the near future, telling family members that the “Faded” hitmaker was everything she wanted in a man.

Judging by the outcome of things, Kylie Jenner’s views seemed to have changed in a matter of weeks since she was said to have been the one who called it quits with Tyga, having grown tired of having to worry about supposed cheating affairs and allegations.

And now that Tyga is officially out of the picture, Kylie is single once again, but Kris seems to think that her youngest daughter will spiral out of control and end up hooking up with her male friends just for the sake of rebounding from her ex-boyfriend.

A source revealed, “She’s really been encouraging Kylie to spend quality time with her sisters and close friends. She told Kylie that getting into another relationship will just complicate matters. She wants Kylie to just take one step at a time.”

It has only been two weeks since Kylie and Tyga called it quits, so the idea that the 18-year-old could already be thinking about hooking up with somebody new seems to worry Kris.

But another source stresses that the momager has nothing to worry about since Kylie’s split from Tyga was also based on the fact that Jenner doesn’t have the time to commit herself to a relationship.

She’s been working on the expansion of her lip kit line, which has already generated the socialite millions in revenue. On top of this, Jenner has revealed that she’s also working on a new clothing line that will hit stores sometime next year — all in all, Kylie has too much going on to worry about boyfriend drama.

Hollywood Life goes on to stress that while Kris may think that breaking up with Tyga will lead to Kylie considering the idea of hooking up with one of her male friends, Jenner is totally focused on her growing empire and wants to use the next couple of months to simply focus on her career and spending quality time with her friends, who she has somewhat neglected after having spent so much time with Tyga.

Rumors of Kris Jenner’s fears regarding Kylie Jenner’s relationship drama comes just days after it was alleged that the reality star was interested in getting together with singer Ty Dolla $ign. A rep for the 18-year-old has since denied these reports, claiming there was no truth to the story whatsoever.

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