‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Shocking Marriage Proposal Leads To Quickie Wedding

Days of Our Lives viewers are used to seeing crazy couples drama and intense relationship problems play out in Salem, but they’ll soon be seeing a shocking marriage proposal that could end in a quickie wedding between two of the characters.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans may watch Kate Roberts walking down the aisle yet again. Kate will reportedly propose marriage to her current boyfriend, Deimos Kiriakis, the brother of her ex-husband, Victor, and the two will plan a quickie wedding.

However, this is Salem, and there is always a catch. Deimos will only agree to marry Kate if she signs a very detailed pre-nup agreement, which would cover the assets that he recently blackmailed from his brother, Victor.

The question on Days of Our Lives watchers’ minds will be why would Kate want to marry Deimos in a quick wedding? It’s obvious that Kate feels like she’s losing her grip on the younger Kiriakis brother, as she’s seen him gravitating toward Nicole Walker, the woman who is a doppelganger for his lost love, Helena, and she needs to pull the reins a bit.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Kate proposes to Deimos. [Image via NBC]Kate will decide to wine and dine Deimos in an effort to soften him up, and then she’ll spring the marriage proposal on him, which will likely shock him, as well as the fans.

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Kate and Deimos haven’t known each other very long, and don’t seem to be in love. However, they are a great match. They both love power and money, and will do whatever they have to do to acquire both.

Of course, no marriage proposal in Salem would be complete without some drama. Kate and Deimos’ romantic dinner will be interrupted by none other than Nicole, who will learn of Kate’s marriage proposal to Deimos. The two women will likely throw some jabs at one another, and it’s safe to say that Deimos will love seeing the two ladies fight over him.

Nonetheless, Days of Our Lives fans will see Kate win Deimos over, and he’ll accept the proposal. He’ll even suggest that they set a date, and Kate will plan a quickie wedding in Las Vegas.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Nicole come between Deimos and Kate? [Image via NBC]However, Deimos is far from stupid. He’ll realize that Kate wants to marry him for his money, and not because she’s in love with him. That’s when he’ll spring the pre-nup agreement on her. She’ll either have to sign it and then walk down the aisle, or she’ll have to call the whole thing off, which would mean admitting she was only trying to get her hands on the Kiriakis fortune yet again. If Kate refuses to sign, the door will be wide open for Nicole to seduce Deimos, ultimately helping Victor and Maggie get their house and money back.

However, it does appear that Nicole is developing a soft spot for Deimos, and Days of Our Lives fans have seen a bit of a bond form between the two. Perhaps they will actually fall in love, and then Nicole will have even more leverage to help Victor and Maggie.

Meanwhile, other Salem couples will also be dealing with some major drama. Hope will be forced to choose between her new love, Rafe, and her old love, Aiden, who has returned after months of imprisonment.

Days of Our Lives viewers will also see Chad, who has been leaning on Ciara too much for some fans’ liking, continue to struggle with Abigail’s absence as she’s locked away in a mental hospital, and has revealed she doesn’t want to see him. Perhaps some wise words from his dead father, Stefano, from beyond the grave would help?

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Should Kate and Deimos get married?

[Image via NBC]