Tiffany Hendra On Texting Drama: No Closure After Dramatic Showdown

Tiffany Hendra RHOD

Tiffany Hendra has revealed that she’s close friends with LeeAnne Locken. The two met and bonded long before they started filming The Real Housewives of Dallas, and Tiffany has revealed that LeeAnne is part of the reason why she decided to move back to Dallas. So when Locken gets into a heated fight with someone, Tiffany is there to help out her friend.

On this week’s episode, Hendra was pushed into the fighting because Marie Reyes decided to send some text messages to her about her friend, explaining how horrible of a person Locken really is. And rather than engage in the conversation, Hendra decided to let her friend know about them, so they could handle it together.

According to a new Bravo report, Tiffany Hendra is now revealing why she decided to involve LeeAnne in the texting drama. As it turns out, Tiffany didn’t engage in the text messages. Instead, she decided to print them out and show them to her friend, Locken. The two then proceeded to take the printed text messages to Marie’s home, so they could confront her with the comments.

“I didn’t engage much in this texting because I didn’t have a relationship with this person. I merely knew her through LeeAnne and saw her briefly when I would come in town for Fi’s birthday parties. That’s why I found it strange that she would send me such long texts. That’s not my style of communication so I didn’t like to engage. I pick up the phone if I have a problem instead of texting a novel,” Tiffany Hendra reveals on her blog for the show, sharing that she would have handled the situation differently.

During the confrontation, Reyes denied ever talking badly about Locken. Even though Tiffany Hendra had printed the text messages, Marie continued to deny ever doing anything wrong. Hendra had brought her friend to Marie’s house in hopes of getting some closure on all of this, but that didn’t happen.

“After all this, I thought LeeAnne needed closure. She was so hurt and seriously shaking when we got out of the car at this person’s house. That’s why I grabbed her hands and said a prayer with her to calm her down,” Tiffany Hendra explained, sharing that things only got worse for her when she first started crying and getting upset.

“The closure we went there for was not found. My heart broke even more for LeeAnne because we both knew that she was walking out of there with one less friend. After 20 years, I’m sure she was angry at herself and wondered how she could allow someone in her inner circle to pull the wool over her eyes for so long,” Tiffany explains.

It should be mentioned that LeeAnne and Marie had become close friends while Tiffany Hendra was staying in Los Angeles. The two had grown closer, which is why these text messages were so hurtful to her in the end. The episode ended without them getting any closure, but one can imagine that Locken will think twice about who she trusts with her feelings. As Hendra explains, it is hurtful to her friend, who trusted Marie as part of her inner circle. And now, she’s taking sides with a person who clearly hates LeeAnne.

It will be interesting to see how this season plays out and how the ladies will interact at the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Do you think Tiffany Hendra is a good friend for going with LeeAnne Locken to Marie’s house for the confrontation? Do you look forward to the reunion special, where the ladies will rehash everything from this season?

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