LeeAnne Locken Gives Her Thoughts On Brandi Redmond’s Marriage And Marie Reyes

LeeAnne Locken RHOD

LeeAnne Locken had some time to really think about her feelings on The Real Housewives of Dallas. After storming out of the cocktail party hosted by Marie Reyes, LeeAnne felt so betrayed by some of her friends and co-stars that she just needed to take it easy. Locken spent the following weekend relaxing and thinking about everything that had happened. And then she learned that Reyes had been texting mean things about her to her friend, Tiffany Hendra. In this week’s blog, Locken is letting her feelings be known about Brandi Redmond and Marie Reyes.

According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken tackles the issue of Brandi first. It’s no secret that LeeAnne strongly believes Brandi hates her and is the reason why many of her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars don’t like her. So when Redmond’s marriage is falling apart on the show, Locken wants to share a few things about her co-star.

“I watched Brandi and Bryan’s relationship and how she doesn’t feel like she gets the attention she needs from him. Then I hear Brandi say that I can’t remember her name and in many ways these things translate as me not giving her the attention she wants. So, I’m starting to understand why Cary, Brandi and Stephanie all have issues with me,” LeeAnne Locken reveals in her blog, adding, “I think they subconsciously superimpose an image of their husband’s face on me and then come at me.”

Of course, Locken could have said much worse things, but maybe she respects her co-star’s struggles enough to keep it nice. Plus, she does have a way of turning the discussion around, so it focuses on her. The discussion was about Brandi not feeling that she got the attention she wanted from her husband, and yet, LeeAnne says that she’s feeling accused of not giving Redmond the attention she wants.

But that wasn’t the only issue that plagued LeeAnne Locken during last night’s episode. She was furious that Marie Reyes had texted Tiffany Hendra behind her back, saying things about her as a friend that were mean and rude. Even though she lashed out at Marie’s home, LeeAnne reveals that Reyes couldn’t make her angry. But after watching the episode last night, Locken admits she was shocked to find Reyes lying straight to her face.

“I mean pure unadulterated evidence of it. That’s called taking advantage of someone’s trust. With me, you can’t just play with trust. That’s playing with my whole world. How else do we build relationships? If you don’t trust someone, you don’t have a relationship. And the trust I once had, even when I was still sitting there going over those texts, fighting and praying to be wrong, is now all gone. After all the years of trust and protection I offered her, not only from outside circumstances but from herself, she pulls something like this. Oh, the secrets I’ve kept in my vault!” LeeAnne Locken reveals, explaining that she was shocked Marie would text behind her back about her.

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Of course, Reyes was caught in a lie. She revealed that she never said anything to Brandi Redmond about LeeAnne, and yet she’s caught on camera saying just how crazy she is. Plus, on her blog for the show, Reyes revealed that she stands by everything she said. So it makes sense why LeeAnne Locken is so frustrated with Marie and even questions their relationship.

What do you think about LeeAnne Locken’s way of handling the situation on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas? Do you think she should question her friendship with Marie Reyes after it was revealed that she did indeed lie?

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