Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill Prepare For New Roles, Shadow Bankers

Leonardo DiCaprio is preparing for his fifth movie with legendary director Martin Scorsese, and, to prepare for his new role, DiCaprio is shadowing bank employees at the Manhattan headquarters of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The movie is a big screen adaptation of businessman Jordan Belfort’s memoir. Belfort was a banking giant who eventually spent time behind bars for money laundering.

Also appearing in the film is actor Jonah Hill who was also spotted shadowing a “lower-level, yet successful derivative sales associate.”

According to the New York Daily News, the two men were spotted at the One Bryant Park building where DiCaprio spent most of his time on the stock-trading floor.

Filming on the new movie is scheduled to begin in New York City on August 25.

In the movie, Jonah Hill plays the best friend and business partner to DiCaprio’s leading man.

It is unclear as to what the actors were hoping to pick up during their shadowing experience, but its safe to say DiCaprio will be brilliant in the new film, and, if Jonah Hill can turn in another Hardball type performance, the Oscar buzz will start early for this film.

The Wolf of Wall Street will be ready for general release to theaters sometime in 2013.

In the meantime, the Bank of America headquarters continues to be a prime location for actors looking to study the seedy underbelly of the banking industry, a fact that doesn’t say much for Bank of America or Wall Street.

Will you be heading out to see The Wolf of Wall Street?