‘Prison Break’s Official Trailer Releases

Prison Break finally released the official trailer for the continuation of the hit TV series. However, the show has seen a serious change in location. Yet it still seems to promise the same excitement from Wentworth Miller’s character, Michael Scofield.

Prison Break‘s sequel picks up after the last season from Fox. While everyone believes Wentworth Miller’s character is dead, it’s actually quite the opposite. However, simultaneously, he just happens to be on the opposite side of the world — in Yemen.

According to the CIA’s World Factbook, Yemen is predominantly an Arabic nation. The source notes that 99.1 percent of its population is Muslim, while 0.9 percent is a mixture of other religions, such as Hindu, Christianity, Jewish, etc.

Nevertheless, to digress, Prison Break‘s Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page mentions that Miller will be rejoined by familiar faces from the last season:

Several other noteworthy cast members have joined the Prison Break ranks as well. You’ll probably notice a few familiar faces within the show’s trailer.

Prison Break‘s new season seemingly starts with Bagwell and Burrows having something of a reunion session. From the trailer, you can see that Bagwell finds Burrows in order to show him a piece of evidence he has obtained. That particular piece of evidence is a photo of Burrow’s brother Michael, who was supposedly dead. In the photo, he appears to be very-much alive.

After discovering this information, Prison Break‘s Burrows reveals it to Dr. Tancredi. She can’t believe what she’s seeing, and she dismisses it as a fake photo. However, Burrows isn’t going to settle for theories, so he takes it upon himself to find out if his brother is still alive inside a Yemeni prison.

Once inside the prison, he discovers his brother, and he is alive, just as shown in the photo. As in the previous seasons, the escape plan begins.


According to IMDb, the series is set to release in September of 2016. However, Yahoo News reports that the TV show isn’t going to release until the beginning of 2017. The source also notes that Prison Break will replace Bones on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

While Prison Break‘s plot mentions that the location is Yemen, one source actually states that it is being filmed in Vancouver, Canada. The source’s Prison Break trivia section also mentions that filming is supposed to wrap up in July. During the last season of the show, the film was shot at 14 different locations across the United States, as well as Toronto, as reports IMDb.

From a glance at Prison Break‘s Facebook page, it seems that Wentworth Miller is a fan favorite. One person, Marcela Alvarez, mentioned as follows:

Omg omg omg!!!! I can’t [believe] THE BEEEST<3 thanks so much to [Fox], Wentworth will kill me???????????? this is so so so incredible, i’m so so so [excited] <3.”


Another Prison Break fan expressed, “Oh my god, I’m waiting for this trailer since the end on the first part!!!!” That was quite the long wait. The previous Prison Break series ended nearly seven years ago. According to IMDb, it ran from 2005 to 2009.

The source also mentioned that Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are actually good friends outside of the show as well. Even from their on-screen kinship, you can almost tell that the two have a closer connection friend-wise.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts about Prison Break’s return? What are your thoughts about the trailer? Feel free to share in the comments below.

[Image via FOX]