New ‘Overwatch’ Short Features Hanzo’s Mysterious Past And A Ninja Fight

Overwatch comes out later this month, and Blizzard has just released the latest Overwatch short starring the two brothers Hanzo and Genji, offering players a glimpse into their complicated and mysterious past.

The third Overwatch short, titled “Dragons,” features the long-distance archer Hanzo sneaking into Hanamura castle, the ancestral home of his clan. It’s here that he attempts to pay respects to his fallen brother, who Hanzo killed years ago. Lighting incense and kneeling before a blood-stained banner, Hanzo is attacked by the mysterious cyber-ninja Genji.

During the spectacular fight that unfolds between the Overwatch characters, we learn that Hanzo and Genji are brothers and both possess the ability to summon giant mystical dragons. Hanzo is shocked by this, as apparently only his clan possesses the ability to summon giant mystical dragons. However, it’s not the kind of thing just any old cyber-ninja in the Overwatch universe can do. In the end, Genji spares Hanzo and tells his brother that it’s time to pick a side in the upcoming conflict.

The latest Overwatch short features the same dazzling animation and fast-paced fight choreography featured in the other two Overwatch shorts. Another nice touch in “Dragons,” both Hanzo and Genji fight like they do in the actual game – Genji deflects ranged attacks, acrobatically zipping around the environment, and Hanzo misses. A lot.

Today’s Overwatch short continues the Blizzard tradition of doling out information about the Overwatch universe in small, bite-sized pieces, as the developer has done with previous short films and comics which take place in the Overwatch universe, and fans continue to gobble them up as they come.

Overwatch has a unique look and feel, which Blizzard has carefully cultivated over the past couple years of development. With Overwatch hitting shelves next Tuesday, Blizzard continues to reveal the universe of their team-based shooter in small doses, alluding to conflicts, relationships, and the world itself rather than spelling it all out.

This strategy has kept interest in Overwatch high over the last few months as the release date looms. Blizzard’s first shooter, as well as the company’s first new intellectual property in decades, is clearly the first entry in what will likely be another big-ticket franchise for the California game developer, and they’re not taking any chances. With open beta weekends, high-quality shorts, and comics, Blizzard is pushing Overwatch hard, and each successive release of information only makes fans want more.

The game itself is already receiving rave reviews from major news outlets, and some have already called it one of the best shooters of all time. While those kinds of labels might be premature, the game does have a certain addictive quality that keeps players coming back for more. Despite the fact that the gameplay is more of a refined shooter experience than it is anything particularly groundbreaking, which is certainly Blizzard’s MO: taking an existing genre and refining its basics into something iconic.

Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo are all franchises Blizzard has invested considerable time and energy, building solid gameplay and, more importantly, rich and detailed worlds that make players want to return time and time again. The actual gameplay at work in each of these franchises has been relatively simple compared to other entries in the MMO, RTS, and action RPG genres, but elegant game design coupled with stellar art direction and world-building have been central to Blizzard’s past successes.

Overwatch may be the latest Blizzard franchise, but it’s definitely following the footsteps of previous Blizzard hits, and they’ve built a solid if not groundbreaking game in a world that is richly textured and decked out in unbelievable art and design. Overwatch is defined by its elegant game design, its simplicity, and unparalleled replayability more than any one particular aspect of its gameplay.

Overwatch comes out on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on May 24, 2016. For more information, have a look at Inquisitr’s previous coverage of the upcoming shooter from Blizzard Entertainment.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

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