‘Trainspotting 2’ Teaser Trailer Released, But It’s Not What Fans Might Expect

Danny Boyle dropped a teaser trailer today for the upcoming Trainspotting sequel, though the teaser trailer isn’t quite what fans might expect. It’s definitely a teaser, but not much of a trailer.

The Trainspotting sequel, titled T2, isn’t so much a teaser trailer for the film as it is a teaser trailer for the film’s filming date. Which is today. The Trainspotting teaser doesn’t actually feature any new footage, it’s cobbled together using clips from the original film, informing fans that the hotly anticipated follow-up to Danny Boyle’s 1996 masterpiece starts filming today, May 16.


The Trainspotting teaser trailer is more of a reminder trailer, giving fans a refresher course on the first film which featured an ensemble cast of heroin addicts struggling through the mid-nineties in Scotland. As Inquisitr and other outlets have reported previously, the latest entry in the Trainspotting series will feature the original cast and director Danny Boyle at the helm once again, reports Mashable.

It’s a short, 45-second long teaser trailer – really just a reminder – cut together from famous scenes in the original Trainspotting, with Ewan McGregor’s famous monologue providing a voiceover. Will the film be any good? It’s impossible to say from this teaser.

But we do have some clues from behind the scenes that might tell us a little more about the upcoming Trainspotting follow-up.

According to The Guardian, the Trainspotting sequel will be loosely based on author Irvine Welsh’s 2002 novel Porno, which was a follow-up to the novel on which the original Trainspotting film was based. Further, it looks like the strength of the script – penned by John Hodge – was the driving force behind the Trainspotting sequel getting a green light from studio execs.

“It’s been 20 years since we met these characters, and John Hodge’s screenplay brilliantly explores what’s happened to them – and to us – in the intervening years. We are grateful to Tom and Hannah for their support and we can’t wait to get going,” director Danny Boyle said earlier this year.

Screenwriter John Hodge, of course, penned the first Trainspotting film and his involvement, alongside Boyle and the returning ensemble cast has had critics buzzing about the sequel. Given Boyle’s critical and box office success in recent years his attachment to the project has assuaged the fears of the Trainspotting fan community, but some remain skeptical that the Trainspotting sequel could re-capture the magic of the mid-nineties masterpiece.

According to the Guardian, the Trainspotting sequel will feature the original cast reprising their roles from the previous film, twenty years after Ewan McGregor’s Renton ripped off his former associates at the conclusion of Trainspotting. In the following years, Renton had been laying low in Amsterdam, living as a nightclub owner, but the events of T2 see him return to Scotland in an attempt to start up a pornography business with former associates Sick Boy and Spud – played by Jonny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner, respectively.

Though today’s T2 teaser trailer doesn’t do much to illuminate the plot or specifics of the upcoming sequel, it does set the stage with Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life and uses old footage to remind fans that the new film will be helmed by the original creative team – promising the same dark comedy which made the original a cult classic.

T2 is expected to hit theaters on January 27, 2017.

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