‘Castle’ Spoilers: Series Finale Brings Final Showdown With LokSat, Will Rick And Kate Get A Happy Ending?

The Season 8 finale of Castle airs Monday night on ABC, and this will surely be a tough one. Viewers barely got the opportunity to wrap their minds around the news of Stana Katic’s departure from the show when news emerged that the network has decided to cancel the show. What can everybody expect from this series finale set to air on May 16?

This Season 8, Episode 22 show is titled “Crossfire,” and Castle spoilers detail that Kate and Rick will prepare to take on LokSat one more time, putting many lives at stake. The news of ABC’s decision to cancel Castle shortly after revealing that Stana Katic would not be back prompted many to wonder if the series would end on a cliffhanger, given that filming the May 16 finale had already been done. However, those behind the series apparently prepared for this possibility.

According to TVLine, the show prepared multiple endings for this finale in case the series was canceled. There had been a lot of buzz, particularly over the past couple seasons, about Katic possibly leaving and the show potentially ending entirely. The show may well have gone with one ending if ABC was bringing the show back for Season 9, an ending that most expected would have Kate killed off. Rick was then set to continue on his own.

Now, however, the show can go with an alternate ending they put together that hopefully wraps things up in a more suitable way for fans. Co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter teased Castle spoilers that one ending was a cliffhanger that the writers felt would be an exciting one for viewers if the series were returning in the fall. However, given the uncertainty that was playing out regarding the Castle stars as the writers had to pin down this episode, everybody prepared an alternate that could serve as a series finale instead.

Additional Castle spoilers from TVLine tease that everybody will be involved in this final pursuit of LokSat, and the arc will be fully wrapped up before the finale airs. There are big twists and turns incorporated, and it will be interesting to see if fans are satisfied with how things end for Kate and Rick.

Unfortunately, few specific Castle spoilers are available about how this last LokSat confrontation plays out for Rick and Kate. As co-showrunner Alexi Hawley teased via TV Guide, they are not saying much at all about this alternate ending ahead of the finale airing. Fans felt they had a sense of how things would end if Castle was renewed, given the previous announcement that Stana would be leaving but Nathan would be staying, but all bets are off now.

Now that this is the last episode, will Castle and Becket get a happy ending? Will fans be satisfied if the finale goes that route? There has been quite a bit of buzz regarding tensions behind the scenes, but little has been confirmed. The word has been that Katic and Fillion did not get along at all and that she was pushed out as a result. Given that supposed drama, fans may find it hard to be satisfied with any ending related to Kate and Rick that the show puts together.

How will Castle end as the series finale airs? Will fans be happy with what the showrunners give them? The story of Rick Castle and Kate Beckett comes to an end Monday night as the series finale airs, and Castle viewers are very curious to see how it all plays out.

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