This is happening: Twilight MMO announced

It may be time to hide your PC from your little sister, because get this: they’re making a Twilight MMORPG. That high-pitched screeching that just shattered all the windows in your house was the sound of a gazillion knicker-wetting Twilight/Robert Pattinson fans losing it.

Details are currently vague, but we know this much: Twilight the MMORPG will feature a non-linear virtual world set in Forks, Washington, and you’ll be able to play as either a human, werewolf, or dreamy vampire. It’s being developed by BrainJunk Studios (a new name to me, I must confess), and will be based on the same storyline as Twilight and New Moon. Players will be able to teleport back and forth through time using the game’s journal, which also works as a novel.

And so another quick cash-in licence takes its first tentative step into the MMO universe. Joy. More information as we get it.

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