May 15, 2016
What 'The Big Bang Theory' Producer Says About That Season 9 Finale

The Big Bang Theory always does a little bit of a cliffhanger at the end of every season. This year, the people at the center of that dramatic moment -- Sheldon's mom, played by Laurie Metcalf, and Leonard's dad, played by Judd Hirsch -- were supporting players in the series. When producer Steven Molaro was asked by Entertainment Weekly why the cliffhanger involved these important but rarely seen characters, Molaro said tapping Hirsch as Leonard's father was just part of the equation.

"We had known for a while that we wanted to meet Leonard's father. Judd and Johnny had met and hit it off. Judd had expressed interest, so we were all excited about that. That had been floating around in the mix and it seemed like a fun story, and I think a very interesting stopping place for the season."
But Molaro stops short of admitting that Mary and Alfred actually spent the night together, despite the tease that saw the pair excuse themselves from dinner and agree to a nightcap at their hotel. In the final scene, neither parent is answering communications from their respective sons. Molaro told TV Guide the details of the encounter are a mystery.
"I think it might be a leap to those people getting married. The truth is, we don't know what happened. Nothing is set in stone."
Molaro said something similar to Glamour, leaving the specifics of the evening up for speculation.
"All I know is that two people met and hit it off and left to go for a nightcap. I think it's much more interesting with us wondering what's going on."
But one thing is certain -- the regular cast members loved having the stellar guest appearances from Hirsch, Metcalf, and Christine Baranski. It was Leonard's mother's conversation with Penny in the season's second-to-last episode that was the catalyst for the plotline of the season-ender: Leonard and Penny having a wedding ceremony with friends and family actually present.

Kaley Cuoco celebrated her scenes with Baranski, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch on social media.

Jim Parsons took to Instagram to praise his fellow actors.As for that wedding ceremony -- fans will remember Season 9 began with the pair getting hitched in Vegas while a feuding Amy and Sheldon, as well as the rest of the gang, watched via live stream -- there's still a chance audiences will see some nuptials at the beginning of Season 10. As of now, the plan is to start the next, and as of now, last-confirmed, season right where Season 9 left off.

And that means that there may be more clever casting, as Penny's family might finally arrive on the scene. While her father has been in more than one episode, we've never seen her mother or sometimes-incarcerated brother. Molaro told Glamour there are whisperings on the Big Bang Theory set about how, or if, those characters will be introduced.

"There's nothing set in stone, but we would very much like to. I can't guarantee it, but that is planned for now. I'd love to finally meet Penny's mother and Penny's brother.

"[On casting] I do have some thoughts—and there have been some names floating around—but we haven't dug too far into that."

But lest fans get caught up in wedding and hookup details, Molaro puts in a reminder that Howard was still concerned about government surveillance stemming from his latest project. He told TV Guide that's a story that will also make an appearance in Season 10. There are bound to be plenty of other Big Bang milestones next season, as Bernadette and Howard are expecting a baby, and Sheldon and Amy are continuing with their relationship.

The Big Bang Theory airs in syndication and on CBS.

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