May 15, 2016
'Doom:' Does The First Person Shooter Live Up To The Hype?

By now, players have had the chance to get their hands on Doom, Bethesda and id Software's first-person shooter.

Doom released on May 13, and there's been carnage and trigger pulls ever since. Jumping onto new platforms and blowing aliens somewhere along the way, many have already finished the game and are tackling its harder modes. If you're one of those who hasn't strapped yourself in for the ride, however, the question remains as to whether or not the game is living up to the hype. After all, it's a reboot of the classic Doom that was released back in 1993.

According to GameSpot, Doom is currently in review. From what has been reported so far, though, the game is just as fun as the original. Peter Brown, the author of the post, states that the core gameplay is intact and that the experience is familiar. It was reported during the Doom beta that many appeared to be unhappy with the modern touch that the game has taken on, but such criticism does not appear present with the final product having been released.

"The demons are tough, the guns are fantastic, and the atmosphere is gnarly," says Brown in his GameSpot review. He reports that he is not finished with his playthrough, but so far the reception has been a positive one.

Doom has also received praise by the likes of designers that have worked on other games. In another report by GameSpot, Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski gives praise to the reboot of Doom.

In a number of tweets, Bleszinski delivers many positives.

"OK some rapid fire Doom thoughts. Weapons feel good so far. Good to see some satanic stuff in there. Awesome to be on the Martian surface..."

"Love the mystery of who I am in the new Doom and the System Shock 2 'ghosts' narrative mechanic. Upgrade tokens and config weaps expected."

Alongside these tweets, however, Bleszinski has one minor gripe.
"My only minor crit about the (fantastic so far) Doom is the same I have for my old franchise. Stop focusing on executions so much. :)"
Cliff goes on to elaborate about the Doom mechanic, stating that "players just want to win and kill in a shooter." As bloody as the guns and explosions get, players are able to execute their enemies with a melee attack that obliterates them. It usually involves a few seconds of downtime, and this is where Bleszinski's critique comes from. Opinions on this are mixed, but such a feature is what helps make Doom the explosive, bloody shooter that it is. After all, where would the satisfaction be if the last bullet was used and there was nothing left to decimate the enemy with?
It has been reported by Metro that Doom is a "hellishly violent shooter," and that the game is as good as one might have hoped. There's a lot of exploration to be had, and the game involves more platforming than one might be used to in a Doom game. The planet's surface and the indoor environments are easy to get lost in, but there is a map that helps the player along the way. Power-ups are abundant across each level, and each mob leaves a sense of satisfaction. Metro also reports that the multiplayer is a different door altogether from the single player, and it leaves something to be desired as this aspect of the game is quickly passed by.

How do you feel about Doom? Does it live up to your expectation? Let us know your thoughts and experiences with the game in the comments.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]