Drake Pokes Fun At Himself With ‘More Than A Meme’ Monologue On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Drake poked fun at himself quite a few times on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and it worked out beautifully for him.

The 29-year-old “One Dance” rapper started things off on a hilarious note during the live broadcast with a monologue that primarily focused on how other people are poking fun at him. Most social media users are familiar with the vast number of Drake memes that have made waves on Twitter and Instagram in recent years, especially with his often-mocked dancing in the popular “Hotline Bling” music video.

Drake approached the funny elephant in the room in a big way during his Saturday Night Live monologue with a song called “More than a Meme.”

The first lyric of the song set the stage for the hilarious punchlines that followed, reminding Drake fans that he has an impressive sense of timing and humor.

“Drinks with some old friends. That’s when it happens again. I start hearing from the whole fam that I got clowned on Instagram. Trying to hide my reaction when I read the funny caption. It feels like I’m in a bad dream because I got turned into another meme. I just want to scream that I’m more than a meme.”

Throughout the song, Drake was able to cleverly work in the descriptions of several funny Drake memes into the lyrics, including memes with his face on E.T.’s alien body, his beard on President Barack Obama and a clip of him hitting random objects while dancing in his “Hotline Bling” music video.

The growing number of Drake-related memes seemed to skyrocket in late October 2015 after the music video for “Hotline Bling” made its big debut on Apple Music. The video’s simplistic set design along with Drake’s dance moves quickly made the popular video a direct target for meme mockery.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Director X (the music video’s director) opened up about the concept and overall behind-the-scenes story of the now-viral music video. When asked about the direction he gave Drake when it came to filming the video, Director X made it clear that there was none.

“When you’re doing music videos, you’re dealing with artists that tour the world and perform to stadiums full of people, so they don’t need much help with the performance part of things. So I just turn on the camera and let them do what they’re going to do. It’s really setting the stage for them.”

Drake and Director X also worked together on the music videos for “Started from the Bottom” and “HYFR.” However, “Hotline Bling” allowed them to just focus on a simple set-up with Drake having fun.

X claimed that he had “no idea it would be such a thing,” stating that he had never seen that type of response from any of his other music videos over the years.

However, even Director X had to admit that he was a fan of some of the Drake memes that started circulating after the music video was released.

“The tennis one and the Star Trek one, those are my favorites. It seems like it’s calmed down today. It’s funny, Instagram has a day of craziness and then it calms down. It’s a strange thing. Even now, I look at my timeline and I’m not really seeing the Drake memes. But yesterday was nonstop. It’s just a fascinating culture, so even capturing the culture for a day is quite a thing.”

Most people would agree that there is nothing wrong with having fun at work, showing that you are excited and carefree while you are making a living. Thanks to Drake’s sense of humor and comic timing, his “More than a Meme” monologue more than likely caused his fan base to grow with even more respect for the actor and rapper.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]