July 5, 2018
Wendy Williams Warns Ariana Grande Not To Get Pregnant With Pete Davidson

Talk show host Wendy Williams is speaking her mind when it comes to Ariana Grande's fast moving relationship with Saturday Night Live comedian, Pete Davidson.

According to a July 5 report by Hollywood Life, Wendy Williams recently opened up about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's relationship, in which they got engaged and moved in together after only a few weeks of dating. Wendy says she has some very serious doubts about the relationship, and also offered the singer a warning about making a big mistake with Davidson.

"You ain't making it to the threshold honey pie, or whatever. You date for a month and you get engaged? Here's the thing, can we just hold off getting pregnant? Can children have children? No matter how old she gets, she's always going to look like a, you know (child) … Do your parents know you're pregnant?," Wendy Williams joked about Ariana Grande's baby face. "Even if they get an ironclad prenup agreement, I still think it's wrong," Williams added.

As many fans will remember, Pete Davidson proposed to Ariana Grande in June with a huge diamond ring. The diamond reportedly cost nearly $100,000 and was custom-made by New York City jeweler, Greg Yuna. However, the couple has not officially confirmed the engagement.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it seems Wendy Williams may not be the only person who is skeptical about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's engagement and romance. Sources tell Radar Online that the singer's family is terrified that the SNL star is using her for fame.

"Of course everyone is happy for her but they are also super worried that she is going to get her heart ripped out. Everyone thinks that he is using her. She is not listening to anyone and is shutting out anyone who tries to wish her anything but happiness and joy. The red flags are everywhere and Ariana refuses to see any of it," an insider revealed.

In addition, Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie Grande, is said to be furious that Pete Davidson thinks it is okay to smoke weed every day. Frankie, who is currently one year sober, is trying hard to beat his addiction and doesn't care for Pete's recreational use of marijuana. When Frankie tried to talk to his sister about the issue, she reportedly blew him off.

"She is in love and is convinced he is her soul partner. nothing can change her mind," the insider added.