Drake Hosts ‘SNL’: Leslie Jones Plans To ‘Spank Him Like A Baby’

Drake has hosted Saturday Night Live just one other time since his rise to fame, and after a particularly humorous performance, fans are begging for more. He’ll be taking the stage once again on Saturday, May 14, at 11:30 p.m. EST.

Drake has always been willing to step into the lime light to boost his career, even if he looks silly doing it. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images For ESPYS)

In preparation for his appearance on the show, the rapper paired up with comedian Leslie Jones to announce that he’ll be hosting the show yet again. In the comedic preview, it opens with Drake saying that he would be the host and musical guest for SNL on Saturday. But he’s interrupted in the middle of his sentence because Leslie decided to put the moves on the star.

“Leslie, can you not put your hand on my butt?” he says. To which Jones responds that she might not be able to resist the temptation.

After this short bit, the pair continue to banter back and forth with ideas for skits to use during the SNL performance. At one point, Jones says she’s going to spank him like a baby. The rapper wasn’t a big fan of that idea, but Leslie assures him that he can write a hit song to serve as background music for the skit.

But the humiliation for Drake doesn’t stop there. Before too much longer, Leslie has convinced Drake that he needs to sit on her lap.

“Hey, come through the promo sitting on my lap, baby,” she says to him. And then when he protests a little, she adds, “You think you got a choice?”

Not exactly sure how to handle the outspoken comedian, Drake complies. He carefully sits on her lap and finishes his speech about hosting SNL. Apparently, it’s hard to say no to Ms. Jones. Perhaps we’ll get to see that baby spanking scene on Saturday night after all.

Watch the full clip and all the laughs below.

Drake has spent his fair share of time in the limelight, and fans are dying to see more. Riding on the wings of his popular new album, Views, fans of both the rapper and SNL are excited to see that he’ll be returning. It’s an excellent form of publicity for the pop artist.

Drake hosted the show just one other time, all the way back in January of 2014, and it was a hit. He starred as a musical guest and host. He was up against some of the show’s most popular comedians, and he held his own quite nicely.

Because he’ll have hosted two times by the end of Saturday, Drake will be the only host to perform on SNL twice. Each of his sketches, from a Lil Wayne impression to a representation of his 13-year-old self, kept the audience in stitches, and it quickly helped boost his fan base. This upcoming appearance is sure to do the same.

Aside from the tongue-in-cheek promo he and Leslie Jones developed, Drake also took to social media to announce his SNL hosting opportunity. He shaved his iconic beard and posted the smooth-faced photo to Twitter and Instagram with the caption, “Beard making an epic come back in 2 weeks. Only for you @nbcsnl. Tune in tmrw night at 11:30 on NBC.”

This was a clever, and certainly eye-catching, way to grab fans’ attention about his upcoming performance. The infamous rapper will take the stage in just a couple of hours, and Drake’s performance, alongside other comedians like Leslie Jones, is sure to be just as pleasing as his performance two and a half years ago.

[Image via Ian Gavan/Getty Images]