Osama Bin Laden’s Son: Hamza Bin Laden Emerges As Potential Heir To Al-Qaeda

Hamza Bin Laden, son of Osama Bin Laden, has been groomed by his late father under Jihadi doctrines to play a role in Al-Qaeda. CNN broke the story in 2015 when the first recording of Hamza’s voice was made public. Now a second recording has surfaced that has intelligence experts concerned.

SITE Intelligence Group has released new audio of Hamza and the words are chilling.

“Those who support the Jews must pay the bill with their blood.”

We will be following this story as more details become available.

All that is known now is that Al-Qaeda is being eclipsed by ISIS in terms of power and recruitment. Perhaps this is a feint effort by Al-Qaeda to show they are still a force and potentially more dangerous going forward.

For years, Hamza Bin Laden has been missing. As of now, all that has surfaced is his voice.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]