Amber Portwood Gives Full Custody Of Leah To Gary

In light of her recent drug conviction and five-year-prison term, Amber Portwood has decided to give full custody rights of her 3-year-old daughter Leah to her sometimes-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

College News reports that Portwood’s troubles began in November of 2010 when she was arrested on felony charges of domestic violence against Gary. The star of MTV’s Teen Mom was arrested again in 2011, while she was under probation, for having a “sufficient amount of several different prescription pills” that did not belong to her. Portwood went to jail but eventually reached a plea deal that put her in a drug rehab program.

But Portwood didn’t finish the program. She dropped out in May after failing a drug test. Now, Portwood has decided to give full custody to Gary as she heads back to prison to serve her five year term.

Portwood promised her viewers that she isn’t giving up. Instead, Portwood said that she’s going to use her time in jail to take substance abuse classes and work toward her GED.

Portwood said:

“I’m not just going to sit…. I’m going to substance abuse classes. I’m going to get my GED.”

Portwood has admitted during this season that she needs to get a handle on her depression and anger management issues, but it doesn’t look like she’s headed in the right direction. During last night’s episode Portwood flipped out on Gary after he told her that she needs to “get her sh*t together.”

You can watch the full episode of last night’s Teen Mom below. The final episode airs next Tuesday on MTV.

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