Trevor Noah Admits To Sugar Addiction While ‘The Daily Show’ Ratings Continue To Slump

Trevor Noah’s ratings may be in the dumpster, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show human qualities. Mr. Noah shared 25 interesting things about himself with Us Weekly.

“I’m addicted to sugar, and allergic to it. If I eat sugar, my skin turns red and puffy. But I also smile a lot,” Noah says.

Noah also talks about having a bar mitzvah.

“When I was 13, my mom threw me a bar mitzvah. None of my friends came because they didn’t know what it was. Because all of my friends were black.”

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show'
There were other interesting revelations in the article, such as Trevor being able to speak six languages, spending a couple of months playing poker for a living, and the fact that Mr. Noah loves cuddling. Judging from the responses after the article, some people wouldn’t mind cuddling up with Trevor.

“I love cuddling too…Maybe we could cuddle together,” says Katemarie89.

“God he’s so cute. And he actually IS funny on The Daily Show. But…Again..He’s so stinking cute,” gushes Noxy.

Unfortunately, Trevor Noah’s looks aren’t helping his ratings much. According to Showbuzz Daily, Noah had just 814,000 viewers on Thursday night. On Wednesday evening, he had 806,000 and on Tuesday, he had just 755,000. Noah doesn’t seem bothered and recently talked to about his coverage on Donald Trump.

“We’ve said on the show that a lot of Trump’s rise can be attributed to the news and the way they’ve treated him. Trump’s coverage is warranted to a certain degree but beyond a certain point not everything the man says can be used. We have to acknowledge that not every tweet can be used. Yes, it is entertaining, yes, it is something that can fuel a discussion, but not everything is newsworthy… but it is jokeworthy,”

Noah also talked about the fact that he and his writers only use newsworthy stories as a jumping-off position into satire.

“I always think of my responsibility to comedy first. Most important thing, we’re on Comedy Central. All over the world we’re on comedy networks, and that’s the most important thing to me,” Noah said, before adding that trying to make himself a better person usually leads to better comedy.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show'
Trevor Noah has received criticism from both conservative and liberal websites.
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Still, some of Noah’s critics don’t feel that way. Variety recently published a very negative article about The Daily Show, claiming the show lost its teeth under Noah’s guidance.

“Under the leadership of new host Trevor Noah, The Daily Show seems to have lost its way — but in the most amiable manner possible. Ever since Noah took over six months ago, the show has assumed an air of easygoing chill. It’s not that he doesn’t tell reasonably good jokes now and then, but few, if any, are aimed at the jugular. And he rarely loses his expression of gentle bemusement,” said columnist Maureen Ryan.

Then, Salon published an article asking The Daily Show creators to dump him. However, there are a lot of people on Twitter who have lots of love for Noah.

Do you think Trevor Noah will overcome all the criticism, or do you think he will be kicked off The Daily Show in another year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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