Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, And Kathy Hilton Together At Nicky Hilton’s Baby Shower [Photos]

Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, and Kathy Hilton got together on Saturday for a joyous occasion. The sisters celebrated the impending birth of Kathy Hilton’s first grandchild. Kathy’s daughter, Nicky Hilton, and her husband, James Rothschild, are expecting their child, a girl, this summer. The baby shower was held at Beverly Hills’ Hotel Bel-Air.

Kyle posted a photograph of herself with two of her daughters at the baby shower. Kyle, who wore a pink sheath dress to the celebration, called it a beautiful day and perfect setting.

Kyle also posted a photograph of all four of her daughters with Nicky and their other cousins.

Reflecting the baby’s sex, the baby shower had a pink theme. Nicky’s sister, Paris Hilton, posted a photo showing that there was even pink juice in baby bottles.

Paris said that the family is proud and excited for the new baby.

Paris also posted a photograph of herself with Nicky, Kim, and Kim’s daughter, Brooke Wiederhorn. Brooke is also expecting her first child with her husband, Thayer Wiederhorn. Paris commented that she’s excited to be an aunt and that her aunt, Kim, is excited to be a grandmother for the first time.

Kim shared her excitement over her first grandchild. She posted a photo of herself cradling Brooke’s belly.

Many people left comments on the family’s photos to say how good it is to see everyone together celebrating such a happy event. Indeed, not too long ago, Kyle’s relationship with Kim and Kathy were so strained that they weren’t even talking to one another. In January 2016, Kyle expressed hope to Page Six that Nicky’s child was going to help bring the family back together.

“Don’t babies always [bring families closer]? I think so.”

Kyle shared her excitement over the first grandchild amongst the three sisters.

“I’m so excited because she’s the first one of all the kids [to have a baby]. We have 12 kids between us – Kathy, Kim and I – and she’s the first one so it’s really exciting.”

Kyle Richards’s comments came after an early Season 6 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed that things were rocky not just between Kyle and Kim Richards but also Kyle and Kathy Hilton. During a vacation in Tuscany, Kyle admitted to co-star Lisa Vanderpump that Kathy had dis-invited her to Nicky’s upcoming wedding in London. Later on in the trip, Kyle revealed that she was invited again and made the decision to go, despite the fact that her husband, Mauricio Umansky, still couldn’t go. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mauricio and Kathy’s husband, Richard Hilton, reportedly don’t have a good relationship because Richard feels that Mauricio did him wrong in regards to his real estate business.

Kyle told Page Six that Real Housewives highlighted the issue with Kathy but that ultimately they love one another.

“The thing is, unfortunately, it was highlighted on the show and that’s the down side of being on a reality show. We go through things, but we’re fine and we love each other.”

Later on in Season 6, Kim showed up for a few cameos. In one scene, she and Kyle, at Kyle’s house, tearfully talked about their issues with one another and agreed to move forward. They both declared that they love one another and always have, despite what happened between them in the past. As fans of the show saw on Season 5, Kim and Kyle’s relationship got so bad that by the time of the reunion show, they were screaming and yelling accusations at one another. Kyle even accused Kim of not wanting to invite her to Brooke’s upcoming wedding in Cabo.

The Season 6 “Secrets Revealed” episode, which aired on Tuesday, showed a more fun and lighthearted side of their relationship. Prior to the episode airing, Kim shared snapshots of her fun scene with her sister and wrote that she loves watching the fun moments.

Will Kim Richards return as a starring cast member on Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Kyle Richards hopes that she does. In an interview with Us Weekly earlier in the week, Kyle said that the show is better with Kim, whom she described as “happy and doing well and strong.”

“I honestly think the show is even better with her on it. My daughters, she’s their favorite Housewife! She says the funniest stuff.”

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]