'Bachelorette' Stars Ali, Des, And Kaitlyn Warn JoJo About 'Hot' Guy: Did She Take Their Advice?

The Season premiere of The Bachelorette is just days away, and JoJo Fletcher's first night will include more than 26 potential husbands arriving in limos at the Bachelor Mansion. In addition to former Bachelor Jake Pavelka's arrival before the first rose ceremony, JoJo will get a visit from three former Bachelorette stars Kaitlyn Bristowe, Desiree Hartsock, and Ali Fedotowsky.

According to ABC, all three ladies will sit down with JoJo and give her their advice for finding true love on a reality TV show — something that didn't work out so well when JoJo appeared on Ben Higgins' season of the Bachelor.

Ali, Des, and Kaitlyn all know a thing or two about finding love — and heartbreak — on TV, so telling JoJo to be aware of the difference between "red hot chemistry and love" is sage advice. However, spoilers indicate that she may go for "hot" instead of going with her heart this season.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead.]

kaitlyn bristowe jojo Fletcher
[Image via Rick Rowell/ABC]Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe returned to the Bachelor mansion for the first time since her final pick, Shawn Booth, proposed to her last May. The couple recently celebrated their one-year engagement anniversary and while getting married isn't a priority, Kaitlyn recently told People that the idea of starting of a family is more exciting than planning a wedding and their baby-making venture is "going to happen soon."Des is one of the few leads from the Bachelor franchise who got married to her final pick. The Season 6 Bachelorette was engaged to Chris Siegfried on the August 2013 season finale and they were married in a beautiful ceremony in Palos Verdes, California, in January 2015. Now happily married and living in Seattle, Des and Chris have a new puppy, Frankie, and recently told People that they have a "little one on the way." Baby Siegfried is due in October.Ali got engaged to Roberto Martinez on Season 6 (2010) but their relationship fizzled out after 18 months. The former E! News correspondent still got her happily-ever-after, though. Fedotowsky got engaged to her radio host boyfriend Kevin Manno in September 2015 and the couple is expecting their first baby (it's a girl!) in July.Fans will have to wait until the Bachelorette premiere airs on May 23 to find out what other advice Ali, Des, and Kaitlyn gave JoJo other than steering clear of any guy she has an instant attraction to. However, from the sounds of blogger Reality Steve's spoilers, JoJo clicked instantly with one of the 26 guys whom she called "hot" when he got out of the limo at the Bachelor Mansion.

"When Jordan came out of [the] limo, she told him 3 different times how good he looked," Steve revealed to his Twitter followers. "Then he walked away and she turned around and said 'Hotttttt!'"

The instant attraction between JoJo and Jordan didn't stop there. Spoilers indicate that she kissed the former pro-football player at the first cocktail party and the sparks continued to fly throughout the season.

Will any of the other 25 guys have a shot? And did JoJo take Ali, Des, and Kaitlyn's advice and find more than "red hot chemistry" with the first contestant she kissed?

Bachelorettes give advice to JoJo Fletcher
[Image via Rick Rowell]Reality Steve is not 100 percent certain that JoJo gave Jordan the final rose, but he states that it would be a "pretty big upset" if she ends up with someone else.

Clear your calendar and get ready for a season that will undoubtedly be filled with drama and perhaps a love story. Watch the Bachelorette Season 12 premiere at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 23 on ABC.

[Image via Rick Rowell/ABC]