Robby Hayes Left Girlfriend Behind To Join ‘The Bachelorette’ 2016

Sometimes men join The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons, and Robby Hayes is going to have everyone wondering if he is there for the right reasons or not. Robby left a girlfriend behind so that he could go and try to find love with JoJo Fletcher. They were pretty serious, had some issues, and he just vanished. The Hollywood Gossip shared the details of what went down and why Robby might not be there for the right reasons. Another thing about Robby that will make you wonder is the fact that he was a model before joining the show. So, is he really trying to find love with JoJo?

Robby Hayes had a girlfriend, and they were pretty serious. They were together for 4 years and just split up in January. He may have even been talking to ABC about the show while they were still together. The former girlfriend’s name is Hope Higginbotham, and she actually looks a lot like JoJo Fletcher. Hope and Robby had some issues in their relationship, and he just vanished. She had no idea where he went, and it turned out that Robby went and joined The Bachelorette 2016 with JoJo Fletcher.

Did Robby and Hope get closure before he left? They didn’t at all. Robby left for the show without even telling her that he was going to be on the show or goodbye. He may have never even had the time to get over her. Robby could have a girl waiting at home hoping to work things out with him if JoJo doesn’t pick him in the end.

So far, there are no spoilers that Hope shows up or calls him, but you never know what will happen. When someone leaves an ex behind, they usually end up showing up on the show, or giving them a call and trying to beg them to come back, or figure out why they left without a word.

Reality Steve shared his thoughts about Robby Hayes on his blog this week. One thing that Robby admits about himself is that he wears a speedo all the time. Robby has made it very clear the he wants a lot of children and doesn’t want to wait a long time for them, either. It will be interesting to see if JoJo Fletcher is ready for all of that right away. Robby won’t be going home early this season, either, so expect to get to know him a bit better.

A few more details about Robby were shared on Steve’s page about JoJo’s guys. He says that Robby is from Jacksonville, Florida. He works for Myrtha Pools USA as a sales rep. Robby is also a model for Molinari Models and Talent. Robby is the oldest of five siblings, so if he gets a hometown date, that is going to be a pretty interesting one for JoJo.

There is a lot of speculation about why Robby Hayes is on the show. He could be there just so he can work on getting his name out there and maybe get his modeling career going. A lot of guys join the show so that they can get their names out there and to further advance their careers.

Are you shocked to hear that Robby Hayes left without even telling Hope Higginbotham that he was going on the show? Do you think that Robby had time to get over her? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the big premiere of The Bachelorette when it starts to air on May 23 on ABC.

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