LL Cool J Makes Citizen’s Arrest After Burglar Breaks Into Home

It looks like all of that acting on NCIS has really had an effect on LL Cool J. The actor played a real-life-cop last night at his home when he put a burglar under citizen’s arrest.

According to Fox News, the rapper / actor was at his Studio City home last night when a burglar tried to break in. Well, LL Cool J didn’t like that.

The rapper grabbed the burglar and held him hostage while his daughter called 911. Police arrived and took the man into custody. According to Fox News, the man, who was arrested on suspicion of burglary, suffered several minor bruises during the incident.

The rapper was not hurt during the robbery attempt and nothing was taken from the home.

TMZ reports that LL Cool J could have easily stayed up in his bedroom during the attempted robbery. An alarm was apparently tripped and the actor could have stayed out of harm’s way and waited for the police. But LL doesn’t play like that. The actor decided to head downstairs and engage in some hand to hand combat with the burglar. Needless to say, LL Cool J won.

It’s no wonder why all the Ladies Love Cool James…

Are you surprised that LL Cool J went downstairs and took care of the burglar himself?

Here’s a little warning to any potential thieves in the vicinity of the actor’s house. If you try to rob LL Cool J, he’s going to knock you out.