It’s Official: Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken

Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken

Ed Sheeran is spending his mini-vacation in Fiji, according to International Business Times. Although there is nothing extraordinary, weird, or exclusive about the “Thinking Out Loud” singer’s trip to the South Pacific country, the news managed to become a trending topic last week.

It was reported by the Fiji media that the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter arrived in the country on Tuesday morning. The reports also noted that Ed Sheeran was transferred to an offshore resort by helicopter.

On a photo taken shortly after the arrival of Ed Sheeran, the singer can be seen greeted at Island Hoppers at the Nadi International Airport. The news about the singer’s seemingly ordinary trip got picked up by other media organizations around the world and it managed to become a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter.

And, naturally, people were surprised that the news reporting that Ed Sheeran is spending his holiday in Fiji became a top trending topic while so many other breaking news stories, which may deserve the public attention more than news about how a celebrity is spending his vacation, were left unnoticed.

It was also reported that Sia also spent her holiday vacation in Fiji during Ed Sheeran’s stay in the South Pacific country. But, the 25-year-old “Photograph” singer and Sia are not the only ones who give preference to Fiji as their holiday destination, as Thor actor Chris Hemsworth also spent a vacation in Fiji earlier this year.

In December 2015, Ed Sheeran announced via his Instagram account that he is taking a break from social media. With over 5.8 million followers on Instagram, the 25-year-old singer announced he was taking a break from his phone, email, and social media “for a while,” promising to come back next autumn and thanking his fans for being amazing.

Apparently, Ed Sheeran tastes like chicken. Or, does he? There is a show titled Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken, which was put together by Alister Emerson, and is shown as part of the Nelson Fringe Festival, according to Nelson Mail.

In fact, Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken was the first Nelson Fringe show to sell out within less than a week. And even though satire has always been accepted as one of the best forms of comedy, the show introduced a whole new kind of satire.

The main topic of Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken is the harm from consumerist human activity. In particular, the show, created by Alister Emerson, explores how humans destroy other species. For example, Maui’s dolphins.

Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken shows the world where Ed Sheerans constitute a rare breed of wildlife that exist in the New Zealand bush. The existence of Ed Sheerans is endangered due to the activity of hunting groups as well as genetically modified pandas (yes, they really exist!).

And, really, those greedy hunting groups in the face of a global corporation Barracuda Industries are a reference to individuals and companies that are part of consumerist human activity.

Alister Emerson assembled a group of talented actors who helped put together a show that depicts some vital issues through metaphors. But what was particularly loved by Ed Sheeran fans is the child chorus comprised of red-headed mini Ed Sheerans, who wore the 25-year-old singer’s signature jeans and had his identical tattoo sleeves.

Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken is shown at Duck Bunny Theatre, which, according to its official description is for those who love theater “fresh and lippy.”

“Duck Bunny uses humor to satirically comment on everything from the absurdity of contemporary society to stupidity, greed and corruption.”

The duration of Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken is 1.15 hours.

[Composite image containing photos by Carl Court,Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]