Arrowverse: ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap — Wentworth Miller’s Kiss Goodbye?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ends its first season in less than a week. While it’s still unclear what exactly Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow will look like, one thing is clear: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (played by Wentworth Miller) won’t be back. Not full-time, at least. But the kiss between Snart and Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance/White Canary near the end of this week’s episode would seem to indicate that his story on LOT isn’t finished just yet.

On last week’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, most of the crew had been imprisoned by the Time Masters Council while Vandal Savage was being sent back to 2166. Jefferson was shipped away from the rest of the team in an attempt to save his life, while Captain Cold and White Canary avoided capture and will be stuck trying to save the rest of the Legends. Will the team get closer to capturing Savage and saving the future of humanity?

Note: The following includes spoilers for Episode 15 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Destiny,” which originally aired on The CW on May 12. It is one episode prior to the season finale.

Caity Lotz finally kisses Wentworth Miller

While much of the show’s romantic thrust has been behind the awkward love triangle between Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and Atom (and Vandal Savage’s love for Kendra would make it a love square), White Canary expressed her true feelings for Captain Cold as he was trying to save the day.

This comes just as fans of the Greg Berlanti’s CW/DC shows (Arrow, The Flash, and LOT, sometimes refereed to collectively as “The Arrowverse”) learn that Miller’s Captain Cold will not be a regular on Season 2 of Legends. Newsarama reports that Miller has signed a deal that will allow him to appear on both The Flash, LOT, and potentially Arrow as well.

It seemed as though Snart would have died in the explosion of the Oculus, but thanks to time-travel and alternate universes within the CW programming, it won’t be hard to bring him back. With White Canary’s origins tracing back to Arrow rather than The Flash, could this spark between Snart and Lance be over as soon as it begins? And with Supergirl set to move to the CW, could Miller’s character end up in National City?


Vandal Savage and the Time Masters Council

As it turns out, the Time Masters Council have known about Savage’s plans all along and were helping make sure they weren’t interrupted. Rip Hunter finds out that everything he and the Legends have done was all part of the Time Masters’ plan. The Council has a tool called the Oculus, which allows them not only to see the future but also shape the future. Because of an alien enemy that eventually attacks Earth, the Council needed Vandal Savage to do his worst so that humanity would ultimately come together, preparing them for the alien attack.

Furthermore, the Time Masters Council ordered Savage to kill Hunter’s family, because they needed Rip to continually hunt after Vandal, helping the pieces fall into place just as they wanted. Before the Legends can destroy the Oculus and escape from the Council’s capture, Vandal Savage returns to 2166 with Kendra and Carter, along with the full knowledge that the Oculus has been destroyed and nothing guarantees his future.

The rest of the Legends

Since Jax was sent back to Earth, Stein is beginning to die. Jax returns to Earth just after Hunter initially invites the Legends to join him, and works with 2016 Stein to come up with a solution. He returns just in time to give Stein the power-boost he needs and take the form of Firestorm to help defeat the Time Masters Council.

The Council tries to re-brainwash Mick into Chronos. Due to his begrudgingly-admitted fondness for the rest of the team, he was able to withstand the mind overhaul and help rescue Rip and friends. Hunter’s family is still being reported as murdered by the news reports of the future, and the Hawk couple is still stuck with Savage. Atom is becoming friendly with Mick, while White Canary deals with her recent loss.

Next week: the Season Finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

As always, a preview/trailer for next week’s episode has already been released. This just happens to be the trailer for the season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which has already been renewed for a second season on the CW.

Where to Watch

The CW airs DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday evenings at 8/7c. Replays of the most recent episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow can be streamed on-demand at the CW’s website beginning Friday. Current episodes of Legends of Tomorrow (including “Destiny”) can also be streamed with a Hulu Plus subscription the day after it airs on the CW.

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