‘Warcraft’ Movie: Check Out The Latest Teaser Video And Images, Plus Join The ‘Warcraft’ Thunderclap

There is only a month to go until the premiere of the highly anticipated Warcraft movie. So let’s have a look at all the new teaser videos and promotional stills just released.

First up, we have all four new teaser videos in one package thanks to Comicbook. The first teaser in the clip shows the orcs, Durotan (Toby Kebbell) and Orgrim ( Robert Kazinsky), discussing the fact that they may need to side with the humans if they want to defeat Gul’dan (Daniel Wu). What’s great about this clip is the way the orcs are just chilling and being completely comfortable with each other. Basically, making the orcs more “human” or relatable than they first appear.

The second clip is entitled “King Llane asks Garona to help them,” and is pretty self-explanatory. In the Warcraft movie, King Llane is played by Dominic Cooper and Garona is portrayed by Paula Patton. Also in this clip is Travis Fimmel (of Vikings fame) as Anduin Lothar, the lead protagonist for the Alliance. Interesting to note is the interaction between Garona and Anduin.

Warcraft movie still Lothar Anduin and Garona
[Image via Legendary]

The third Warcraft movie clip shows Anduin Lothar being attacked by orcs in the woods. For fans who are looking forward to epic battle scenes, this clip is for you! Anduin warns one of his companions to fight smarter rather than attack them with brute force. This is solid advice until an orc lifts Anduin up by the scruff of his neck and throws him.

The final clip in the Warcraft movie teaser video is entitled “Midivh finds Khadgar snooping in the library.” You can view all four teaser clips for the upcoming Warcraft movie in the video below.

If you are interested in the Warcraft movie because you are a fan of the World of Warcraft games it is based on, get ready for some movie-inspired weapons! If you log into your World of Warcraft account within two months of the movie premiere, you can receive Warcraft movie tie-in transmog items. All the details on this can be found here.

If you are excited about the upcoming Warcraft movie and want to spread the word far and wide, you can join the Warcraft Thunderclap. Already more than 100 people have joined to spread the word, so this Thunderclap will be going ahead. Adding your name and social media presence to the Thunderclap will mean that on a set date, all people who signed up will release a coordinated post at the same time. You can join the Warcraft Thunderclap here.

Finally, here are all the new promotional stills from the Warcraft movie.

Legendary’s website provides the synopsis and other movie details for Warcraft, via the blurb below.

“Legendary’s Warcraft is a 3D epic adventure of world-colliding conflict based upon Blizzard Entertainment’s globally-renowned universe. Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) and written by Charles Leavitt and Duncan Jones, the film is a Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment production. The producers are Charles Roven, Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Alex Gartner and Stuart Fenegan. Jillian Share, Brent O’Connor, Michael Morhaime and Paul Sams serve as executive producers. Rob Pardo, Chris Metzen, Nick Carpenter and Rebecca Steel Roven co-produce.”

The Warcraft movie will be released in 3D by Universal Pictures on Friday, June 10. For fans of Aussie actor Travis Fimmel, Warcraft has been reported by News.com.au as premiering in Australia on June 16.

[Image via Universal Pictures]