Justin Bieber: Next Stop Ottawa, Needs To Revisit His ‘Baby’ Days?

justin bieber next stop ottawa needs to revisit his baby days

Justin Bieber was spotted on May 12 trolling Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, ahead of his concert on Friday. This time, The Biebs looks refreshed and with a new smile on his face. On May 11, he was in Boston, Massachussets where the megastar spent a lot of time walking in the park outside of his Purpose concert. Call it soul-searching or what, but clearly, the “What Do You Mean” singer’s mood has improved tremendously, based on the look on his face.

CBC was pleased to have Justin Bieber back in Canada, and in the capital city, no less. In return, Bieber’s beaming complexion indicated that he was so happy to be home. The Canadian news agency has been following the celebrity around since he touched down in Ottawa yesterday afternoon. Bieber is a Canadian. He was not born in Ottawa but in London, Ontario.

Justin Bieber will perform his Purpose tour concert Friday at Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Center. He looks very pleased to be back in the country where he was born. One happy memory that Bieber has about Ottawa is meeting former Prime Minister Stephen Harper on November 26, 2012. Harper honored the megastar with Diamond Jubilee Medal, according to National Post. Back then, Bieber wore a striped denim overall with one strap unbuttoned.

He was widely criticized for not bothering to wear a more appropriate attire, like a suit, perhaps. However, he had the perfect alibi: he was too busy rehearsing for his Believe tour concert. Harper, however, would deflect all the criticism by saying in a tweet that he wished he too had worn overalls for the occasion.

If the former Prime Minister of Canada was so cute with his deflection, the new Prime Minister of the country is expected to be a lot cuter. His name is Justin Trudeau, and he is known the world over for being a young, media-savvy Prime Minister. At a White House dinner in Trudeau’s honor, BBC quoted U.S. President Barrack Obama as saying: “Here in America, you may well be the most popular Canadian named Justin.”

Well, today, the two most popular Justins are both in Ottawa, and how cool is that? Justin Bieber was seen wearing, again, an overall with one strap down. Could this be a sign that he will be meeting another Canadian dignitary anytime soon?

If the two most popular Justins in Canada meet in Ottawa in person, that definitely would be a blast. Justin the Prime Minister was a former club bouncer, so maybe he wouldn’t mind having a beer with Justin Bieber. According to CBC, Bieber stopped by for a beer at Chateau Lafayette yesterday.

“Bartender Adam Scully said Bieber had ‘one small beer’ but that his security detail didn’t tip. He said Bieber was ‘very quiet,’ though he did hold a woman’s baby after she approached him to say hello. ‘She looked like she was about to faint,’ he said.”

CBC also said that The Biebs “was spotted leaving the Tim Hortons on Slater Street and Metcalfe Street… and a nearby Laurier Avenue hotdog stand.”

The source apparently was not aware of the new Justin Bieber policy on taking pictures, prompting Bieber to call the cameraman’s attention: “Please don’t [point] the camera in my face like that.”

It appears that Justin Bieber expects everybody to comply with his recent decision never to allow anyone to take pictures of him. This issue caused a bit of a meltdown during his concert in Boston. The new policy was clearly stipulated in his social media tweets, but maybe the news agency expected to be exempted from the new rule?

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

So again, we caution the public. Justin Bieber has been very iffy lately about getting his pictures taken. Please be easy on the camera or the cell phone. The superstar prefers a short conversation over a snapshot. It’s more human, he says. Apparently, there’s something about picture-taking that dehumanizes the celebrity, who has stated in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want to be idolized or worshiped. Hopefully, this piece of advice will help things run smoothly and avoid any major scuffle.

Justin Bieber has indeed, come a long way from his “Baby” days. People just came out with a commemorative article on Bieber’s breakout music video, perhaps to remind the superstar of his humble beginnings or to help the young star put things in proper perspective.

Long before the recent Instagram rant, face tattoo speculation, and barefoot-in-the-park excursion, Justin Bieber was just a boy trying to woo his baby… Bieber was just 15 years old when the music video was released; not yet the worked out 22-year-old he is now.”

Maybe the subtle reminder will cause Justin Bieber to pause for a while to count his blessings, instead of getting burned out from the trappings of celebrity.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]