May 13, 2016
Dr. Phil Finishes Talking To Ashley After She Allegedly Digitally Kidnapped Twins

Yesterday on Dr. Phil, the psychologist spoke to Ashley, who says that she did not digitally kidnap April and Nathan's twins, even though they insist that she did. They went on the Dr. Phil show to confront her about this, and on Wednesday's show Ashley denied that it was true. The Inquisitr shared all about what happened on Dr. Phil and now you are going to get an update from Thursday's show.

Neosho Daily News shared about what Ashley did to April and Nathan and all of the details. April explained how it all started.

"I started that page back then, joined these groups and I was in it for a good year, learned how to take care of them, everything went great. When the twins turned 1, a little bit after they turned 1-year old, I got a message on that fake Facebook page from another mom and she said, 'this may be a long shot, I am not for sure, but she said, I came across a blog on the Internet and when I came across this blog I am almost positive that someone has stolen all of your twins photos."
They started out on Dr. Phil showing where Ashley had been selling a few items on garage sale groups on Facebook. It showed that Ashley had pictures of the girls hanging up in her house. Dr. Phil showed where Ashley also had pictures of them on her nightstand. Dr. Phil's website shared that today everyone would find out if Ashley would confess or not. She didn't know what to say in response to the pictures in her house.
Ashley finally spoke out on Dr. Phil and told them that she doesn't mean any harm to them at all. April explained how they feel very violated by what she has done to them. This woman has followed their lives the entire time. April said she is now scared and that because of this she has been afraid that someone would kidnap her daughters. Ashley did apologize for how she made them feel.

Finally, Ashley started to get emotional and reveal the truth. She told Dr. Phil that she knows what she did is not right at all. This all started in 2013 and had continued since then. She was told to stop doing this back then but kept doing it, and it has been going on for four years. It has obviously really upset April over the years.

Ashley originally said that she had twin girls back in 2012 and said that they went with her mother-in-law. Dr. Phil blew her entire story up as he explained that they had talked to her mother-in-law, and this was not true at all. The police talked to her as well and found out that this was not true. Dr. Phil explained that the police even gave him a statement about this and her mother-in-law said that Ashley was never even pregnant as far as she knew, and that Ashley even tried to say she had twins just four months after she had said she was pregnant. The time just doesn't add up.

Next, Dr. Phil announced that Detective Cricket Warren from the Pauls Valley Police Department was on the phone. She said that when she saw Ashley, she never saw any children and the mother-in-law shared the same thing. This confirmed that the mother-in-law never had her children like she tried to say earlier in the interview with Dr. Phil.

One other strange thing that Ashley had done according to Dr. Phil was post on Facebook pictures of the twins and then claim that she doesn't know why they were there. There were also no birth records of her twins, and Dr. Phil asked her point blank if she never had them. She finally admitted to Dr. Phil that she did not have twins four years ago like she said she did. Ashley never had children at all and was lying about all of it.

Dr. Phil had plans to get Ashley personal help and get her back in a good spot. Hopefully, this will work out, and they can do that because Ashley even agreed to the help, which Dr. Phil said would be free. By the end of the show, Ashley told Dr. Phil that she would leave them alone and take everything down from the internet. If you want to see the entire episode, it is in the video below.

Are you shocked to see the Dr. Phil episode where Ashley was accused of digitally kidnapping April and Nathan's twin daughters? Do you think that Ashley will stop doing this to April and Nathan? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]