‘The Simpsons’ Fans Will Be Able To Speak To Homer Over The Phone

The Simpsons live phone Homer

The Simpsons fans will soon be able to call Homer Simpson on the phone and speak to him personally, according to Time. Such an exclusive opportunity is provided to the animated sitcom’s fans as part of its upcoming live episode.

The Simpsons‘ first-ever exclusive live episode airs on May 15, and the Fox animated sitcom’s fans will be able to dial a 1-888 number to speak to Homer Simpson, played by actor Dan Castellaneta, over the phone during the live broadcast for a few minutes.

Homer will be taking questions from The Simpsons fans and the answers will be broadcast on live television. Although some people doubt that the episode will be fully live (meaning that some or all of the answers to the questions could be prepared in advance), the creators claim Castellaneta will be delivering improvised answers immediately after he gets asked each question.

The live episode will air after The Simpsons conventional episode, in which Homer will try himself as an improv comic. In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, the animated sitcom‘s producer Al Jean said Castellenata will be able to pull off the stunt as he “does improv all the time.”

“He’s one of the best improvvers there is. We couldn’t have somebody better to be doing it.”

Over its 27-year run, the creators of The Simpsons have surprised the show’s fans with various experiments, but going live and making Homer Simpson answer questions received from the fans is a rather modern and unique approach, according to Screen Crush.

But some fans of The Simpsons cannot help but wonder if the upcoming live episode will in fact be entirely live. The animated show’s creators recently posted a sneak peek of the May 15 live episode, in which Homer Simpson is seen sitting in front of a casual background.

But The Simpsons producer Al Jean warned fans not to raise their expectations too high about the upcoming live episode, as there won’t be much variety in it. In other words, due to the lack of motion, Castellaneta’s actions will be limited, which will make it look a little repetitive after a while.

“That’s why we’re not doing any more than three minutes. You have a limited number of lip assignments and motions that Homer can make, and you see him run through those in the course of the three minutes.”

The Simpsons‘ producer also explained why there won’t be half-hour motion capture shows in the nearest future. It’s because it’s impossible to do more advanced set pieces that people are so used to seeing in animated shows.

“We do everything we can in the three minutes that’s possible.”

The Simpsons creators have been accused of having access to the inside information into global plots around the world for a while.
And with the world recently discovering the animated show had predicted GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s presidency more than 16 years ago, some of the most dedicated fans of the show decided to re-watch all previous seasons of The Simpsons to find new clues and predictions.

YouTube channel Alltime10s recently uploaded a video, in which it highlights top ten inventions that have been featured on The Simpsons over the past 27 years long before they materialized themselves in reality.

The top ten inventions that appeared on The Simpsons include the smartwatch, 3D printed food, a sarcasm detector, airplane restaurant, auto-corrector, farmville, hamburger earmuffs and other inventions.

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