Kickstarter Group Wants $20 Million To Fix ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dorne Storyline

Kickstarter group wants $20 million to fix Game of Thrones Dorne storyline.

Warning: small spoilers ahead.

A group of super fans wants to rewrite the Dornish plotline in HBO’s Game of Thrones and they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $20 million they’ll need to fix the hugely popular show.

The project “Fixing Dorne” aims to create several “plug and play” scenes that will interact with HBO’s timeline, but will make the Dorne storyline more interesting to Game of Thrones fans.

David Panfilo, who helped create the official Game of Thrones trivia board game, and his super fan group of actors, writers and producers want to create their own Dornish scenes with improved characters and storyline.

“When you’re watching Game of Thrones Season 5, pause whenever they cut to Dorne, watch our corresponding scene and then skip ahead and resume with the episode as if nothing else was different.”

They aim to make the Sand Snake characters of Obara, Nymeria and Tyene Sand more interesting, deepen Ellaria Sand’s backstory and improve the adventure of Jaime Lanister and Bronn as they sneak into the desert kingdom.

“If you’re anything like us you think Game of Thrones is one of the best television shows of all time with the exception of that Dorne storyline. It really hit a new low at the beginning of the sixth season, which is sad, embarrassing and honestly distracting from the rest of the show.”

The group of super fans wants to use the $20 million to create scenes with the same production value of the hugely popular show. That means they’ll need to shoot on-location and hire talented actors, make-up artists, set designers and everything else needed to recreate the Game of Thrones look and feel.

The Kickstarter campaign has several other funding goals as well.

For $20.5 million, the group will attempt to hire Alexander Siddig to reprise his role as Doran Martell. For $21.5 million the creatives will try and convince Jerome Flynn to play Bronn and ask Robson Green to join him in recording The Dornishman’s Wife.

For $23 million, the group will ask Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to play Jaime Lannister. At the $30 million level the group will offer George R.R. Martin $7 million to canonize the new Dornish episodes as the correct adaptation of his hugely popular novels.

For $40 million, the group of creatives’ promises to replace themselves with more experienced directors and producers, and at $50 million, the writers will release a patch changing the story so Ned Stark is alive at least through Season 5.

Along with Panfilo, who also worked as a script supervisor for Creedmoria and helped produce Castle’s in the Air, the Fixing Dorne crew includes Canadian actor Sean Ireland and Jonathan Ying, who helped design the official Game of Thrones board game.

Game of Thrones is so hugely popular it has sparked a piracy craze making it the most illegally-downloaded TV series for the fourth year in a row, ahead of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

HBO has asked torrent sites to remove all Game of Thrones links and urged all internet service providers to warn their customers about the dangers of illegally downloading copyrighted material.

For copyright reasons, the Fixing Dorne creative group can’t simply insert their scenes into already filmed Game of Thrones episodes, which is why they’ve resorted to their “plug and play” strategy.

If you want to donate to the Fixing Dorne superfan creative effort to rewrite the Game of Thrones Dornish storyline visit their Kickstarter page.

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