Mischa Barton Responds To Accusations Of Diva Antics On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Mischa Barton Dancing with the Stars diva

Mischa Barton wanted America to see more of her dancing skills, however, her dream was short-lived as she was eliminated from ABC’s hit dancing competition show Dancing with the Stars only three episodes into Season 22.

Since the beginning of the show, Mischa Barton struggled to make a considerable impact on the judges and the audience. However, the O.C. actress tried to make the best of the show’s “Most Memorable Year” theme by doing the foxtrot to the tune of Miley Cyrus’s hit song “Party in the USA.” In fact, Mischa Barton says that she chose the song because she wanted to have fun and thought that the funky track would help that to happen.

Additionally, the Miley Cyrus number was released in the year when she last featured in The O.C., the television show which helped Mischa Barton rise to fame.

However, Mischa Barton failed to make her mark and was eliminated from the show. And with the exit came an insider revelation that Mischa Barton never came off as a nice person during the dancing competition. In fact, Radar Online reports that Mischa Barton failed to make any friends on the set, as she was considered to be the most self-entitled and rude celebrity that those behind the scenes of the show had ever had to work with.

Radar Online reported that there was a growing perception that Mischa Barton had participated in Dancing with the Stars just to make money and to gain notoriety, and she was not at all empathetic towards other participants. In one incident, Mischa Barton did not congratulate 26-year-old Nyle Dimarco, the former America’s Next Top Model winner, who had scored the highest number of points in the season. Mischa Barton was reportedly the only contestant who did not congratulate Nyle on his excellent performance.

In yet another incident, Mischa Barton apparently displayed no emotions when 72-year-old Geraldo Rivera was eliminated from the show, while the other contestants had all reacted differently, reportedly giving the impression that they genuinely cared about each other.

Although Mischa Barton looked composed after her elimination was announced, her backstage tantrums continued, and she acted rudely by not even saying goodbye to anyone on the set.

However, Mischa Barton has shrugged off the reports and claims that the accusation of her being a nightmare to work with on the set of Dancing with the Stars are entirely false. She says that she perceived the Dancing with the Stars show as an opportunity to make a comeback after spending considerable time in Europe.

The overnight fame that she achieved at a young age for her role in The O.C. caused a downward spiral for the then-young actress, and Mischa Barton felt that the temporary spotlight did not help launch her career. As a result, she decided to take a step back from the spotlight and move to England to spend some time in self-exploration.

The Muse reported that Mischa Barton penned her frustration in her diary, highlighting the grim side of show business.

Ultimately, Mischa Barton confessed to her diary that she will be true to herself before venturing in a new direction. After her elimination from the dance show, Mischa Barton spoke with Entertainment Tonight backstage, where she accepted the fact that performing well on the show was harder than she had thought.

“It was definitely… more than I had bargained for in a lot of ways.”

In the end, Mischa Barton says that she was happy that she had the opportunity to perform on Dancing with the Stars even if it didn’t turn out the way she had expected.

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