Josh Duggar Upset Over Being Shunned In Public, Former Reality Star Wants To Move On

Josh Duggar with his wife and daughter

Josh Duggar is having a hard time adjusting back into society after the scandals he faced last year. It has been nearly two months since his release from an Illinois rehab, and his public appearances have been slim. This isn’t shocking considering the shame surrounding what Duggar did, especially with having to admit to his mistakes in front of the world.

It seemed Josh Duggar had put the juvenile incident behind him and it was brought back to light just one year ago. He wasn’t the only one to suffer, his sisters did as well when they were named as his victims in the molestation scandal. Fast forward a few months, and Josh Duggar is forced to admit a pornography addiction and infidelity. Shortly after that, he was shipped off to an Illinois rehab.

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Now that Josh Duggar is back home with his family in Arkansas, things are beginning to get hard for him. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar is being shunned everywhere he turns. He attempted to go to a miniature golf course with his little family and other patrons actually left because he was there. The seriousness of what Duggar did is starting to take a toll on him and his family. Other outings he has attended since his release include a graduation party at the Bates’ family home and a Mother’s Day celebration in Florida at one of the family’s favorite restaurants.

The Duggar family is handling the backlash rather well, but Josh’s mistakes have been costing them since the beginning. After the molestation reports were released to the public, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled. Fans missed almost all of Jessa Seewald’s pregnancy, which many had been looking forward to watching. Aside from the financial burden Josh Duggar caused, the emotional side of it was hard. During several parts of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, the Duggar sisters were incredibly emotional about what happened and why. As they all began to heal, more and more dirt was tossed at the family.

Anna Duggar fell under immense pressure from outsiders to leave Josh Duggar. While she may have contemplated it after the revelations of infidelity, her choice was to stick it out. Anna brought her kids to the Duggar compound and leaned on Josh’s family to help her get through it all. The entire family took a beating on social media over the choices made by Josh Duggar, but Anna stayed strong in her faith and is remaining by her husband’s side. Now that he is home and trying to gain control of his life, he is still paying for the public’s perception of him. Not only will it affect the older Duggars, but Josh’s children will have to hear about it as well.

Right now Josh Duggar is dealing with things as they happen. His family has been careful not to talk about him while on social media or mention him too much on their new show. Because of his scandals, TLC had several advertisers pull out from backing Jill and Jessa: Counting On, and there may not even be a second season. While nothing is confirmed, it was said that Josh Duggar could have no part in the show or be mentioned excessively.

It is going to be a long road for the Duggar family before Josh can be recognized as a productive member of society again. Many fans were hurt by his lies, especially since he was preaching under the guise of Christianity. Being uncomfortable is going to be something Josh Duggar is going to have to get used to if he wishes to join his family on their many adventures.

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