Luann de Lesseps On Sonja Gossiping About Her: ‘Very Unprofessional’

Luann de Lesseps On Sonja Gossiping About Her

Luann de Lesseps is a completely different woman on The Real Housewives of New York compared to the person she is when the cameras aren’t around if you ask her co-stars. Apparently, Luann likes the attention of men. While filming the show, Luann has been accused of sleeping around and dating several guys at once. Even when the ladies are doing their cast trips, de Lesseps has been caught trying to cover her escapades from the night before. So it isn’t surprising that Sonja Morgan is hearing rumors about her friend’s sex life.

According to a new Bravo report, Luann de Lesseps is now revealing that Morgan’s facialist should not have talked about her sex life one bit. In fact, de Lesseps thinks that Sonja should have shut down the gossip immediately if they were close friends. Since Luann lives with Morgan these days on the show, it is surprising that Morgan would entertain the gossip for a laugh.

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“Everyone loves gossip, except when it’s about them! Sonja should have shut her facialist down when she began gossiping about my preferences in men. I can assure you that this aesthetician knows nothing about me, and I think Sonja should be wary of what this woman says about her while she’s exfoliating some other women’s face. Very unprofessional,” Luann de Lesseps explains in her blog, sharing that she doesn’t appreciate being talked about, especially when it comes to her sex life.

Later in the episode, the ladies head out to a psychic reading and some of the ladies were a bit skeptical about their readings. When Dorinda Medley learned that she wouldn’t be marrying John, Ramona Singer was grateful and let her thoughts be known. And Bethenny Frankel was very skeptical about the psychic, as she merely repeated things that were well-known. These were things she could have learned just by doing a quick Google search.

“I hate to admit this, but I wasn’t surprised when Kim said Dorinda would not marry John. Ramona‘s outburst was totally uncalled for,” Luann explains, adding about Bethenny Frankel’s reading, “Even in the afterlife, Bethenny’s father is incapable of having a good relationship with her. Sad.”

One of the main storylines that took up last night’s episode was Sonja Morgan’s decision to launch a line of booze. But Luann was more interested in the conversation that took place between John Mahdessian and Dorinda during dinner. The dinner took place right after Ramona expressed her dislike in Medley’s boyfriend and after watching the dinner, Luann de Lesseps decided to call him a narcissist.

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“Narcissists are difficult to communicate with because they bring every discussion back to themselves. Dorinda arrived to dinner with John angry, and she left angry. She was upset from her argument with Ramona about John during the psychic reading, and she needed John to listen to her and for him to consider how his relationship with Ramona affects her. Neither Ramona nor John considers Dorinda’s feelings. I hope they can come to some sort of agreement so that Dorinda can relax,” Luann de Lesseps reveals about the confrontation between Dorinda and Mahdessian.

De Lesseps spends much of her time in her blog talking about other people’s faults. She criticizes John for his behavior, Sonja for gossiping and Bethenny for putting up a wall during the psychic reading. But she doesn’t admit to any of her own mistakes or even sets the record straight about why people would be dishing about her sex life.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps’ criticism of Sonja Morgan? Are you surprised that her co-stars are talking about her sex life and others are learning about new details as well?

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