‘NCIS’ Puts Ziva In Danger: Does It Affect Tony’s Exit?

Tony's Decision To Leave 'NCIS' Maybe Due To Ziva In Danger

NCIS may have put Ziva David in danger for the Season 13 finale. With confirmation that Ziva will certainly play a role in Tony DiNozzo’s decision to leave, could it be that her death makes him realize that if he wants to start a family then he needs to put himself first? After all, it has already been confirmed that he will put family first.

It is unclear whether Ziva was in the family house in Israel when the terrorists blew it up. It is certainly possible, but it could just be a red-herring that leads up to DiNozzo’s exit.

Michael Weatherly hasn’t given away his full NCIS exit, but has teased death in the past, as The Inquisitr has previously reported. He has now shared more, saying that the ending will be somewhat Shakespearean, which has many people believing that either DiNozzo or Ziva (or maybe both) will die in the episode. Cote de Pablo has already confirmed that she will not return to the show for the episode, so it appears that her death character’s death is certainly on the cards.

When discussing the NCIS Season 13 finale, Weatherly also said that people would need tissues. Some fans may find it hard to go into work the next day, so there is a consensus that something bad is going to happen to a favorite character.

“I think the audience will feel very strongly that she’s in the episode in a way that might be a little Shakespearean but it’s real, and I think it’s going to be a very exciting time for fans of that relationship.”

Deadline reports that while he hasn’t given anything away about the finale and his character’s exit, Weatherly has said that he learned something new about DiNozzo. Considering he has played this character for 13 years, this will be surprising to some. Surely he should have known everything about this character he has portrayed and brought to life on the screen.

“What happened for me in the season finale is that I discovered an aspect of DiNozzo that had never been revealed before, and it very much surprised me.”

He is open to guest star in the future, meaning he isn’t leaving the NCIS team on bad terms. This also hints that he may not quite be dead. Of course, dead characters can come back without being on supernatural and fantasy shows. Sasha Alexander reprised her role as Agent Caitlin Todd after she was killed off, as a way to help each team member through the grieving process. She appeared in ways that the characters would imagine her, and that meant on the slab for Ducky and naked for Tony.

What is in store for Michael Weatherly now that he has left NCIS? While he has the CBS pilot Bull coming up, he also has plans for outside of filming. Tony DiNozzo will not be the only one putting family first after his departure from the show, as Weatherly says he looks forward to spending time with his children at home and his parents, 20-year-old and friends back on the East Coast. There have been opportunities not available to him for the last 14 years, and now he is taking advantage of having some time off.

Weatherly has reminisced about the exit. The last time he left a TV show was when Dark Angel was cancelled. All he could think was that he was unemployed, and it was a scary time for him. This time, the decision has been his and he has made more of a name for himself. There are projects lining up and the world really is his oyster.

It is unclear just how Tony DiNozzo will leave NCIS for definitely. There are rumors that he will die, but it is possible that he will decide to walk away. If Ziva has been killed, it is possible that he will decide that he doesn’t want to end like that and would rather put himself first. There is also the possibility that Ziva is alive and that is his push to leave NCIS to be with her in Israel.

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