‘The Flash’ Episode Stills Show First Look Of The Black Siren

Episode Stills Of 'The Flash' Season 2 Finale Show The Black Siren

Katie Cassidy is returning to the DC universe, at least for one episode. It’s not going to be in Arrow, though. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cassidy will appear in the Season 2 finale of The Flash, and now there are first looks at her character.

Arrow fans had mixed views on Cassidy’s exit last month. While some were relieved as the writers had failed to do the character justice, others were disappointed that such a strong female character was taken out of the show. It looks like this is for good, despite Captain Quentin Lance refusing to believe that his elder daughter is really dead. After all, how many times did he think his younger daughter was dead and then she returned?

Cassidy will return, but not as the Black Canary, and not in Arrow; at least for now. She will appear in The Flash as Earth-2’s Black Siren, who will lead the metahuman army. Barry Allen will have to decide whether he can hurt her, considering the ally that she was in Earth-1.

Comicbook.com has shared the first look of the actress in her Black Siren gear, and right away it is clear that this is not the same character. The doppelganger doesn’t don the wig and mask that the Black Canary did to hide her identity, and she features a long black coat, rather than the shorter one that buckled all the way to the top.

There is also a choker around her neck, presumably not to help her sonic scream like the techno-gadget in Arrow was for. In The Flash, this doppelganger is supposed to be a metahuman, so presumably the sonic scream is one of her supernatural powers. The character is now taking on the form of the Black Canary from the Arrow comic books, which is something the TV show decided to avoid. The trailer for Cassidy’s appearance takes her power one step further, and it is possible to see the ripples in the air that her scream creates.

Costume differences will not be the only changes to the character as she appears in The Flash. She will definitely be a villain, and the leader of the villain army. Part of her army is Killer Frost, the doppelganger of Caitlin from Earth-2. It looks like all the doppelgangers have taken on evil forms, and it would be interesting to see The Flash‘s Barry Allen or Arrow’s Oliver Queen from this universe.

It is unclear what will happen to the Earth-2 counterpart after The Flash’s season finale. Is it possible that Cassidy’s Black Siren will stick around? Maybe she will change sides and work with Barry and Team Flash afterwards. She could also become the big bad of Season 3, which the show has had confirmed from the CW network.

There are no hints from Cassidy. Right now, she is enjoying the sun and regularly tweets about her vacation now that she is no longer filming for Arrow or The Flash. It is vacation time for most of the actors, and will be for another couple of months. Unless one of the shows releases some news, only then will fans be able to find out if Cassidy is coming back to either show. She may even find a home on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where her sister Sara Lance currently plays the White Canary as part of Rip Hunter’s team.

With just one episode left of The Flash, Cassidy’s Black Siren will be on screens very soon. She will appear in the Season 2 finale, which airs on Tuesday, May 17.

[Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images]