Harry Styles’ New Haircut: One Direction Singer Steps Out With Short Hairdo, Upset Fans Take To Twitter

Harry Styles cut his infamous locks almost a week ago and had somehow managed to avoid pictures leaking online, until today.

Fans have been highly distraught ever since the 22-year old heartthrob posted a picture on Instagram, holding his cut ponytail, with the hashtag #Littleprincesstrust.

By announcing he chopped off his curly mane, which attracts at least as much attention from fans as all the members of One Direction together, Harry Styles also offered his support to the well-known charity.

The Little Princess Trust is an organization which uses real hair and relies on donations to make wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment. By posting this picture which reached a million “likes” in only a few hours, Harry raised awareness of the work this charity does and helped promote their mission across the world.

Harry cut off his luscious locks for charity.
Harry announced his haircut on Instagram, using the hashtag #Littleprincesstrust. [Photo via Instagram/harrystyles]
Harry’s new haircut may come from very good intentions, but some fans have taken it more than personally and haven’t held off voicing their disapproval all over the internet.

And there may even be more to the short do than just a gesture of good will, as it is rumored Harry was advised by his mom Anne, who said his ponytail looked “cheesy.”

Harry might have been hoping his new style could win him some anonymity back, but it wasn’t long until fans and paparazzi were after him again, finally snapping away as he stepped out in London yesterday.

Harry Styles’ Solo Career

It’s been months since One Direction broke up on their so-called temporary hiatus, and rumors have been flying around about just what Harry Styles (and his bandmates) are getting up to.

As Inquisitr reported before, Harry landed his first serious acting job in Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Dunkirk, and this may just be another reason why the Jim Morrison locks had to go!

Harry will be playing a soldier in the war movie which takes place at the beginning of World War II, and that’s reason enough to get rid of the curly locks.

Harry Styles' fans were skeptical about his new hairdo which the star hid under a cap when he stepped out in London.
Upset fans took to Twitter and asked to see some more! [Screenshot via Twitter]

Although Harry’s haircut may not look like anything in particular to the untrained eye, Styles did create a little media storm when he stepped out this week, as reported in the Hindustan Times.

Partially covering the coveted do with a cap, Harry greeted a few fans in London. But it wasn’t enough for fans online, who were quickly asking for more, posting messages such as “take off the hat” and “such a tease.”

Some fans were indulgent to the star and supported his haircut choice, reassuring him of their ever-lasting love.

Some internet users began comparing Harry getting his haircut with other life-changing events, such as Justin Bieber’s haircut or the new Instagram logo.

The first few shots of short-haired Harry haven’t quite satisfied the crowds yet… So when will he give us another glimpse? And why is Harry Styles’ hairdo such an important conversation topic among One Direction fans?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

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