Michelle Bridges Defends ‘The Biggest Loser’ And Her Belief That All Overweight People Are Unhappy

Michelle Bridges overweight unhappy

Michelle Bridges can’t stop making headlines in the media. The Biggest Loser star was recently filmed attacking a paparazzo in a supermarket in Potts Point, Sydney, according to the Daily Mail.

It can be seen in the footage that Michelle Bridges is confronting the paparazzo after she noticed the man was trying to take snaps of her and her son in Sydney’s Woolworths supermarket. The incident took place on April 22 and the Biggest Loser star has already filed for an apprehended violence order.

Michelle Bridges is suing the paparazzo named Liam Mendes after claiming the man followed her all the way through the Sydney supermarket over two weeks ago. In the video shot by Mendes, Bridges is seen telling him to stop filming, and then she attempts to block the camera view with her hand.

Michelle Bridges, who has recently released a book titled The No Excuses Cookbook, has always been popular in Australia for her admittedly sometimes rather bizarre approaches towards health and fitness. And The Biggest Loser, which has at times been criticized by nutrition experts, gave Bridges the opportunity to test herself as a fitness trainer.

Michelle Bridges is one of those trainers that take the weight loss process to the extreme and encourages body shaming, according to Australian News. In her interview with Australian Story, the Biggest Loser trainer shared a few juicy details from her personal life and defended her Channel 10 show.

In the special program for Australian Story, Michelle Bridges explains how she managed to create a multi-million dollar fitness empire and also opens up on how it felt becoming pregnant at the age of 44.

Ever since Michelle Bridges was cast as a trainer on The Biggest Loser in 2007, she hasn’t stopped making headlines in the Australian media. And even though the Channel 10 show is widely criticized by health experts, Bridges defends the fitness and health tactics used during the program by herself and her fellow trainers.

“[The Biggest Loser] has all sorts of critics who say, ‘You’re putting these people up to be insulted or laughed at or made the butt of a joke.'”

Michelle Bridges responded to all those who believe she disrespects overweight people and “people who are deemed fat,” saying that if people are happy with their weight, “genuinely, more power to you.”

But she was quick to add that she had never met a person who would be “morbidly obese” and happy with their weight. In his interview with Australian Story, Michelle Bridges’ ex-husband and business manager Bill Moore opened up about his relationship with the Biggest Loser star.

Moore also commented on the fact that Michelle Bridges was listed in Australia’s 30 richest self-made women list last year, saying that the estimated wealth of the fitness star “wasn’t true.” Back then, BRW magazine claimed Bridges had an estimated wealth of $53 million.

“[That figure] wasn’t true, but it damaged us. It damaged Michelle’s reputation. I think people looked at Michelle as being a money-making machine.”

Michelle Bridges also took her time to reveal details about how she was sexually assaulted at the age of 18 in Taree, NSW.

“I was just looking for a part time job. I went in for an off the cuff interview at a restaurant, and the next thing I knew, the guy was attacking me and basically trying to rape me.”

But Michelle Bridges at first couldn’t believe it was going to happen to her, so she fought back with “everything I had.” She managed to escape and ran straight to the police station. The man was later caught and locked up.

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