Zac Efron’s Vanessa Hudgens Romance Dreams: Why They’re Dangerous

Zac Effron Zanessa Hudgens Dating Again? Not Yet

Zac Efron left his girlfriend of almost two years, model Sami Miro, about three weeks ago, and Hollywood Life reported one week ago that Efron was making “sappy phone calls” to ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in an attempt to get her back. A romantic reunion of Zac and Vanessa would surely please millions of fans, but a later Hollywood Life report says that it would also be “playing with fire,” as far as Hudgens is concerned.

Efron and Hudgens, who US Weekly reports started dating about two years after they co-starred in 2005’s High School Musical, went out for several years, during which time Hudgens told Glamour that she and Efron “inspire each other” and that “right off the bat, we had a connection.”

It is surprising, then, that the breakup the two went through in 2010 was supposedly mutual and animosity-free. Shippers of the Efron-Hudgens coupling (lingo for “fans of the relationship”) have remained all over the internet since the split, especially because no real reason has ever been given for the cataclysmic schism.

Although the reason for Zac and Vanessa’s mutual departure has not been revealed, a source tells Hollywood Life that Vanessa Hudgens still has some very hard feelings towards Efron, which probably means the couple are not letting on everything that went down.

“Vanessa still has a lot of animosity towards Zac. He treated her like crap at the end of their relationship.”

Zac is now experiencing remorse, it seems. He has been making phone calls to Hudgens, asking her to return to their relationship, a fact that Vanessa’s current boyfriend, Austin Butler, is not too happy about.

Not only does Hudgens fail to mirror Efron’s nostalgic pining for their fairytale romance of 2007-2010, but a source comments that taking Zac back would be a dangerous move for her.

“She and Austin are solid, but letting Zac back in her world would be playing with fire — he was her first big love. She swears she’d never take him back, but that’s easier said than done with a guy like Zac. He can be very charming.”

This seems to suggest that Vanessa does, in fact, still have feelings for Efron, but she does not want to get back together with him because she fears getting hurt again, and she does not want to disregard the vow she made when they broke up that she would never backslide into reentering the relationship.

Again, the internet is generally in favor of Efron and Hudgens rekindling their once-bright romance, and a large social media showing is turning out in favor of Zac’s stance on the matter.

The Inquisitr points out that Zac’s sex appeal, which has always been one of the main tools in his actor’s toolbelt (not that he is a bad actor), is currently at an all-time high thanks to the extensive tanning and muscle-building regimens Efron is doing in preparation for his scantily-clad role in the upcoming Baywatch reboot. Unfortunately for Zac, looking great will probably not be enough to woo Vanessa Hudgens away from Butler, who she has been dating since 2011.

Zac Efron will soon be appearing in The Masterpiece, a documentary directed by James Franco examining the making of the famously bad 2003 movie The Room. Vanessa Hudgens just recently signed onto a comedic superhero series that will air on NBC.

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