Woman On Dr. Phil After Being Accused Of Digitally Kidnapping Twins Claims They Are Hers [Video]

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This week on Dr. Phil, a woman is being accused of digitally kidnapping another woman’s twins. The accusation is that she stole her pictures and then started to share them everywhere, including in her home, and saying that they were her daughters. She even had a blog with photos of the girls on it. Neosho Daily shared the details about what happened to April and Nathan Willis. This couple is sharing their story on Dr. Phil, and the woman who is accused is also on Dr. Phil.

They were on the Dr. Phil show Wednesday and will be on Dr. Phil again Thursday. April revealed that after having Sophia and Vivienne, she started a fake Facebook page. She explained that this was so she could join a bunch of groups about having multiples. April shared that she didn’t want her real name on all of these pages where she would talk about breastfeeding and more.

“I started that page back then, joined these groups and I was in it for a good year, learned how to take care of them, everything went great. When the twins turned 1, a little bit after they turned 1-year old, I got a message on that fake Facebook page from another mom and she said, ‘this may be a long shot, I am not for sure, but she said, I came across a blog on the Internet and when I came across this blog I am almost positive that someone has stolen all of your twins photos.”

They went on Dr. Phil to talk about all of this and how the woman was acting like these girls were her own. Back in 2013, April got the link to the blog and looked at it. At this time, she was able to get a detective involved in the case and have the blog taken down. She also got all three of the woman’s social networks shut down. The woman allegedly continued to stalk her family for the next four years.

April talked to police and then reached out to Dr. Phil this year about her case. Dr. Phil contacted her and wanted her for the end of this season. The Dr. Phil website says that April said she is “even afraid Ashley’s alleged fixation on her daughters might drive her to actually kidnap them one day! However, Ashley denies April’s claims and says she doesn’t even know her.”

Dr. Phil found pictures of their daughters all over her Facebook page, but of course, she is saying that she doesn’t know why they are there. Wednesday’s show was a lot of the background about what went down, but Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil should get more into the details of the story. She says that she has daughters but doesn’t have custody of them. It is going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Dr. Phil shared on his page that tomorrow is when it all comes out. Ashley will be confronted by April, and everyone will see if she reveals the truth about what is going on. Ashley was trying to say that she didn’t even know who April is before the show, but tomorrow’s episode of Dr. Phil will reveal more. You can see the entire first episode in the video below.

Are you shocked to see that this woman allegedly digitally kidnapped April’s children? Do you feel like this is something you should be concerned about on your page? Don’t miss the second part of this episode on Dr. Phil on Thursday, May 12.

Update: Dr. Phil spoke to Ashley more on Thursday and here is what they discussed.

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