Holly Madison Admits She Is Over Trying To Be Friends With Kendra Wilkinson, Embarrassed By Her Past

Holly Madison in black

Holly Madison is speaking out again, and she is totally over trying to be friends with Kendra Wilkinson. Last week on Kendra On Top, they shared that there was talk about a Girls Next Door reunion. Holly and Kendra are not friends, and that makes that idea difficult. Kendra met up with Bridget and they were able to move on from their differences, but it doesn’t look like Holly and Kendra will be doing the same. ET Online shared what Holly had to say about her relationship with Kendra.

Holly made it pretty clear that she is not friends with Kendra and doesn’t have any plans to work things out with her either. This Girls Next Door reunion doesn’t sound like it will be happening either.

“I don’t want to let myself and my friendship with someone be jerked around based on what’s convenient for someone’s reality show. She can bad mouth me or put words in my mouth, but I’m not going to fall for that. I don’t think there would be anything positive about us meeting up. It’s not a real friendship and it’s not part of my life anymore.”

When it comes to Bridget, Holly went on to explain that these two have always been friends on and off camera. It wasn’t ever an act for them. Holly says she wishes the best for Kendra but is done with that part of her life. She is moving on, and Kendra won’t be part of her life.

On Kendra’s show, she shared that she doesn’t feel like everything that Holly Madison wrote in her book was reality. She makes her time with Hugh Hefner sound pretty bad, but Kendra saw it in a different way. Kendra still defends Hef all the time and still talks to him. Holly has moved on and is done with Playboy.

People shared what else Holly Madison revealed in a recent interview with them. Holly Madison stated that she didn’t feel like she had her own identity for a long time and was actually just known as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend. She shared that people wouldn’t always give her a chance at first. She was known as the girl who lived with Hef and also modeled for Playboy.

“When you have a lot of baggage and it comes from a seedier place, sometimes people just want to write you off. The hardest part was knowing there were so many haters waiting for me to fall. The public consensus was, ‘Okay, this dumb girl is leaving her rich boyfriend, she’s going to fall flat on her face.'”

Holly Madison spent most of her 20s in the Playboy mansion and then she moved to Las Vegas. She ended up starring in the live show Peepshow. Holly was afraid that she had missed out on finding love at first, but eventually, she found her husband and now has a daughter named Rainbow with a son on the way. Holly does feel like everything happened for a reason. It all worked out for her, she found love, and has the children that she always wanted.

Are you shocked to hear that Holly Madison says she is done with Kendra Wilkinson? Did you think that these two would make up? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Kendra On Top on Friday nights. You can also check out Holly Madison’s new book when it comes out later in May called The Vegas Diaries.

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