‘Orange Is The New Black’ Trailer Missing Laura Prepon, Will Alex Be In Season 4? [Spoilers]

'Orange Is The New Black' Trailer Missing Laura Prepon - Will Alex Be In Season 4? [Spoilers]

The Orange Is The New Black trailer has been released, and fans of Alex Vause are disappointed that Laura Prepon is nowhere to be seen. Does this mean that Alex will not be in Season 4? Or are the producers just trying to make the fans a little bit crazed?

Surely, the producers of Orange Is The New Black would know that her absence would make fans of the show ask questions and want to know what is going on. Viewers that love the Netflix original series that comes out around June each year know that something happened to Alex but don’t know how it played out.

At the end of Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black, Alex met up with Aydin, one of Kubra’s guys. For a good portion of Season 3, Alex was paranoid that Lolly was out to get her, but her paranoia was focused in the wrong area. Aydin was dressed in a correction guard uniform and earlier in the episode had been mentioned by one of the other guards as the one with the toothpick. Aydin cornered Alex in the greenhouse while all the craziness of the hole in the fence was happening. No one was around to save her. Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black ended on this scene, leaving fans to wonder if Alex could possibly make it out alive.

If you have been asking if Alex is going to be on Orange Is The New Black‘s fourth season, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that she will be there, at least in some capacity. Earlier in the year, the official Orange Is The New Black Twitter account shared this picture from Season 4.

While it doesn’t tell viewers much, true fans know that this is not a scene from past seasons. All that can really be deduced from the image that was shared is that Alex Vause will be on the fourth season of OITNB at some point. She’s seen leaning over a fence, looking anxiously over the edge. There are two correctional guards coming up behind her, but it doesn’t look like they are chasing her. Maybe she sees something that has her worried? Perhaps it is Aydin, still on the grounds, looking for her?

How did Alex escape the greenhouse from last season, though? Hollywood Reporter has a theory.

“In a brief tease to Alex’s storyline, Lolly (Lori Petty) is then shown sneaking over to the greenhouse — a sign that Alex is the one who emerged victorious in the showdown and that Lolly is helping her to cover up the mess.”

If you think about it, Lolly was not with the rest of the prisoners that were enjoying their temporary freedom as they swam in the lake.

Many fans also believe that although Alex can’t actually be seen in the Season 4 trailer of OITNB, there is evidence that she is there. At the 0:55 second mark of the Orange Is The New Black trailer for Season 4, you can hear someone ask, “Can you keep a secret?” to which Red responds, “I love secrets!” Fans swear up and down that this is Alex’s voice. Have a listen yourself and see if you agree.

However, just because Alex is present in Season 4, doesn’t mean that Alex is safe. Bustle pointed out the following.

“That doesn’t mean that she’s off the hook, though, because, if Aydin is still around, this definitely isn’t a safe space. Perhaps all the small teases of Alex will still end with her exterminated before the season is over…”

There are plenty of things that could happen.

Now that you know that Alex will be on Orange Is The New Black this season, what about Nicky? How come no one is freaking out about her not being in the Orange Is The New Black trailer? There’s been nothing to suggest that Nicky will be there. At the end of last season, she was sent to the maximum security prison. There are a lot of fans of Orange Is The New Black that will be disappointed if she’s not on Season 4!

Which would you rather have? An Orange Is The New Black season without Alex or without Nicky?

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