Christina Milian Says ‘No’ To Lil Wayne Questions, Reveals Ideal Man Is ‘Grandfathered’ Star In Facebook Interview

Christina Milian talked about other things but not Lil Wayne

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne have not shared many headlines since they broke up in January. Despite this, that did not stop fans from asking if they still had a future when Christina Milian did a live interview with fans on Facebook for the Grandfathered season finale.

On May 10, Christina Milian spoke directly to her fans to answer any questions that they might have about Grandfathered… however, it soon devolved into questions about her, her music, and Lil Wayne.

By scanning the list of questions popping up in the comments under her live feed on Facebook, Christina Milian told fans that she liked cooking Cuban cuisine and how she has done four weeks of intense exercise to prepare for her role as Magenta on Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Christina Milian, Lil Wayne might never get back together.

Regardless of the questions about her, her careers and her family, some fans wanted to know more about how Christina Milian felt about Lil Wayne. Sadly, most of her responses when she saw Lil Wayne’s name in the comments feed were to say “no” and move on to the next question.

Interestingly, when fans asked Christina Milian about her ideal man, she did not describe Lil Wayne, but instead said her perfect man reminded her of the character “Gerald” from Grandfathered.

Gerald, played by Josh Peck, is Christina Milian’s boyfriend in Grandfathered, and she described him as a family person that is fun, spontaneous, and chivalrous. Christina Milian’s character, Vanessa, also got engaged to Gerald for their season finale, according to E! Online.

Christina Milian gave details about acting but not her fashion line

Alternatively, Christina Milian’s fans could be asking about Lil Wayne because she talked about him recently in a flirtatious way.

This recent romantic development is interesting to many fans because Christina Milian seemed to denounce Lil Wayne once and for all around January 12 when they broke up for the second time. According to E! Online, Christina Milian accused Lil Wayne of being a cheater.

After January, there was little about Lil Wayne and Christina Milian in the headlines except when they crossed paths in a $40 million lawsuit, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The two exceptions were when Christina Milian said Lil Wayne “might have to have multiple wives” and “I don’t know if he’ll ever have a wife, he’s got women everywhere. They love him,” according to All Hip Hop.

It should be kept in mind that Christina Milian made those “multiple wives” comments about Lil Wayne about two weeks after they broke up.

The second time that Christina Milian talked about Lil Wayne having a chance with her was around May 7. Rolling Out reported Christina Milian said that she would no longer want to be his primary girlfriend, but instead responded with “I won’t count that out” and “you never know” when asked if she would still have sex with him.

Nevertheless, Christina Milian is likely not thinking about Lil Wayne or polyamory very much because she has a long list of projects she is always juggling. For example, Grandfathered will be gearing up for Season 2, We Are Pop Culture may have announcements about fashion lines, and Christina Milian also has a new app.

In addition to these projects, there is still no new information concerning renewing Christina Milian’s reality show, Turned Up, according to Premiere Date.

Despite having a lot of work on her plate, Christina Milian still has time for friends and family. For example, on Instagram, she posted a Mother’s Day photo of her and Violet enjoying time with friends.

Babes, Babies & Baby Brother

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As always, Christina Milian also devotes a lot of her time to fashion. Her latest photo session will be in the June 2016 issue of Georgie magazine, according to Idolator.

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