Neve Campbell Baby: ‘Scream’ Actress Debuts Newborn During Family Beach Outing

Actress Neve Campbell and her partner J.J. Feild showed off their brand new baby Sunday as the trio enjoyed a special day at the beach in Los Angeles.

Campbell, who is best known for her teenage roles in the 1990s as Julia Salinger in the television series Party of Five and as Sidney Prescott in the Scream horror film series, first announced her pregnancy in March, saying that she and J.J. were “thrilled” about their forthcoming bundle of joy.

While Campbell and Feild have yet to reveal the name or the sex of the new baby, it appears the family of three is enjoying their first Summer together.

Photos captured by US Weekly show the happy couple splashing around in the ocean together and showering their newborn with affectionate kisses.

Besides taking care of the newest addition to her family, Neve, 38, is also preparing for the US release of the TV miniseries Titanic: Blood and Steel. According to Wikipedia, the 12-part television costume drama series, which details the construction and sinking of the RMS Titanic, will air from October 8, 2012 until October 13, 2012 on Encore.

As for Feild, the 34-year-old London native last starred in Captain America: The First Avenger and will next appear in Austenland. He also recently filmed Not Safe For Work, a Joe Johnston flick which tells the story of a young paralegal who’s trapped in his office building with a ruthless killer sent to destroy some sensitive files.

Congratulations to Neve Cambell and J.J. Feild on the birth of their first child.