Mariah Carey: Trump Would “Bang” Singer Without Hesitation; Diva Postpones Wedding?

Trump remarks dug up about the singer

Mariah Carey is definitely a looker, and in digging up some outrageous and misogynistic comments from the past, Death and Taxes was able to find another utterance by Donald Trump in regards to the diva.

Apparently, while Donald Trump visited the Howard Stern show back in 1990’s, Stern asked the now-presidential hopeful about his conquests and who he thought he could “get.” The publication reports the interaction which also raised the question about the late Princess Diana.

“The Washington Post rounded up several of Trump’s ’90s-era misogynist boasts and culled a few choice soundbites from the myriad ‘Stern Show’ appearances in which he puffed his chest out while selling his lascivious playboy persona. ‘You could’ve gotten her, right?’ Stern asked Trump on-air shortly after Princess Diana’s death in 1997. ‘You could’ve nailed her.’ “

Of course the business tycoon-turned politician responded with his usual haughty tone.

“‘I think I could have,’ Trump said. ‘How about singer Mariah Carey? Would you bang her?’ Stern asked. Trump replied, ‘I would do it without hesitation.'”

As the publication notes, it is likely that these distasteful boasts that are being dug up from the past will hurt the presidential candidate when women take to the polls. However, his more recent remarks have not done him any service at all, either.

“His gross boasting about his bedroom conquests combined with his demonstrative racism should preclude Trump from taking office after Obama leaves. Then again, in a saner world, it should have precluded him from running away with the GOP nomination.”

As for the superstar diva Mariah Carey, who Donald says he would get with in a heartbeat, the “Hero” singer has become engaged to another grossly wealthy man, billionaire James Packer. The wedding was apparently being planned, and the star had spoken out about her excitement over the rapidly-approaching big day. However, a new rumor is circulating thanks to Life & Style.

The tabloid has stated that Carey is now postponing her wedding to Packer. The publication shares the supposed details as to why Mariah has come to this decision. It’s supposedly Nick Cannon who is behind it all.

A source for Life & Style speaks on the issue of the postponed Carey-Packer nuptials.

“‘Nick is holding out for more money and won’t sign off on the paperwork,’ says a source, who revealed that is the reason Mariah and her billionaire beau have yet to set an official wedding date. Apparently the singer can’t keep her cool either. ‘She’s losing it,’ the source says, adding that the stress of it all is causing the mother of Monroe and Moroccan to be quite the ‘bridezilla,’ who has even been ‘berating members of her staff.'”

Prior to this news breaking, Mariah had been excited about her wedding. The songstress shared about her wedding details including those about dress fittings and style of ceremony which she had categorized as “traditional.” Seeing as Mariah and James have both been married 3 times before, it’s clear that the two are set on a simpler ceremony. However, it is Mariah Carey we’re talking about. Her diva nature aside, Carey shared about her intentions for her upcoming ceremony last month, as relays.

“‘I’m just going with whatever I like. I tried my dress last night,’ said Carey, explaining that her wedding dress itself made the trip to the Parisian leg of her tour for a fitting. ‘It looks good. They came and brought it… I can’t say the people. I can’t say their names. The fabulous designer house that’s amazing.'”

Mariah Carey was reportedly set to tie the knot with James Packer sometime this summer, but if the rumors are true, we may just have to wait.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]