Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Have A ‘Zero Chance’ Of Getting Back Together

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Earlier today, reports circulated that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were heading towards a reconciliation after announcing their intention to divorce 10 months ago. The report didn’t just come from anyone, it was from People magazine, a fairly reputable celebrity news outlet. However, E! is reporting the exact opposite.

In the initial report from People magazine, it’s stated that Ben wants Jen back. According to sources close to Jennifer Garner, “Ben wants Jen back. Ben wants to get back together. He wants her back.”

That said, the source stated that Garner isn’t ready to take Ben back, but that he’s really working on himself, and he’s never been good alone. According to the source, Affleck has made “big changes.”

E! spoke to sources, probably not the same as People magazine, and they state that chance of them getting back together. “There’s absolutely no shot of a reconciliation.” Another source weighed in on the situation, “They are just doing a really good job of co-parenting. They are working really hard to create normalcy for their kids. That is their focus. They were really excited to show their kids Europe.”

Conflicting reports have rolled out since the family, which includes Violet, 10, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel,4, took a trip to Paris. The family was seen enjoying their time while out to an ice cream shop, and Garner was seen out and about with the kids enjoying time sightseeing and later on a carousel.

While the couple was in Paris, there were multiple reports that stated they were spotted having some alone time at a bar and were affectionate towards one another. A source told Daily Mail that the couple was spotted kissing.

People magazine went on to explain just how much fun the five of them were having during their trip to Paris and London. Affleck is currently filming Justice League in London, so the family decided to take a trip to Paris during a short break.

“They are enjoying showing the kids London,” said a source. While in London Ben and Jen were spotted at the Warner Bros. Studios for a Harry Potter studio tour. In earlier interviews, Ben stated that his oldest daughter Violet is a huge fan of the franchise.

It’s said that Ben and Jen are going to spend a month together in London. “Jen has said Paris is where she has amazing memories of Ben.” That said the future is still uncertain, a source told People magazine.

“They are coparenting the best they can. Whatever incarnation of a relationship this is works for them.”

During his press tour for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck did hint that things are pretty much up in the air. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Affleck said the following.

“Life doesn’t always turn out exactly the way you want. We’re doing our very best and we’re putting our kids first. That’s how we’re focusing on our day-to-day lives. And we don’t know what the future’s going to hold. Each step that we take is one where we prioritize our children and everything else comes second. She’s just so good at doing that and sets such a good example. And that’s a lead that I follow.”

He continued to sing Garner’s praises.

“I am a giant fan of Jennifer. She’s just a fabulous person. She’s just a wonderful person. She’s a great mother. She’s a real talent.”

So far neither party has filed for divorce.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]